Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Protected Perverts.

There are two sorts of perverts. Those that are villified and those that are lauded.  OK, a third too: those that are simply ignored.  The past year and the past week has shown what the media can do to perverts. Priests and pederasts, paedophiles and poofters are all treated quite differently.  Child abusers come under particular scrutiny, depending on which other non-pervert factors get taken into decisive consideration. Really nasty - nay wicked - ones have been consistently ignored. 

We spent some time in the Tavern talking of the priests a week or two back.  A chap spoke of them, almost in passing, just yesterday. We shall come to Mr Kelso in a moment.   We also spoke of the complete ignoring of politician and public servant child abuse. But first.....

The past week has seen a media orgy of gluttony over a rather charismatic but flawed fellow, Milo by name. He recognises  and acknowledges his flaws but nonetheless calls out the flaws of others with some relish and a great deal of wit and barb. Were he a left-wing bigot he would be lauded by the media, but instead he is a bigot-slayer from a clearly right-wing position. 

Hense the efforts made by the media which is by and large left wing to bring him down. Seemingly the mass ranks of snowflakes with masks and clubs who attempt to shut down free-speech whenever he shows up at A.N. Other University had not succeeded. Hail stones were needed.

Milo is a homosexual with a penchant for grown men, as long as they are black. Clearly not a racist queer.  But as a homosexual the media can't touch him for that, as homosexual people are protected perverts. Nevertheless they gave it a go last week. Their hypocricy banner flew high. And while left wing politicians can endorse and advance paedophilia without media outrage, Milo who was abused as a youth has denied ever abusing underage boys himself. Even Mr Sulu, George Takei who has in the past revealed his own early experiences in excusing and lauditory terms does not get tarred with the Milo brush. But then Takei is a lefty. He is a protected pervert.

But the conversations only brought Milo in as an aside. The real meaty stuff was about Institutionalised abuse. 

No-one in the right mind could say that the Catholic Church advocates child abuse. As the original and leading christian institution it consistenly preaches goodness, kindness, love of ones neighbour, just as all christian institutions do. It and they do however have some - a very small proportion - of flawed people in their ranks. They are not the norm, and Mr Kelso who has been at the forefront of chasing them down is quick to acknowledge. 

He had some things to say about the one institution in Australia (and elsewhere) that gets quite ignored. Whether this is by accident or design, I cannot say for certain, but one way or another it is 'Protected'. Mr Kelso had this to say:

We are 50 hearings into the Royal Commission into Child Abuse......... 

without a single hearing into child abuse within the Islamic community of Australia.
With systemic abuse uncovered in a number of religious organisations across the country – some sections of the public are asking questions of Muslim institutions.

Scores of underage Muslim girls are married off to older men. Many are forced to join polygamous marriages. Worse still, some women within the Islamic faith are forced to endure genital mutilation. Some Middle Eastern groups find this practice culturally acceptable – it is even commonplace in some communities.

The thought of defenceless young girls being forced to have sex with grown men is horrifying.
For any female to have their clitoris sliced off with a sharp knife is impossible for most of us to imagine. Australians cannot condone this practice.
Why is female genital mutilation (FGM) happening in Australia?
FGM is, of course, illegal – and specifically outlawed by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. It is also illegal to take a child out of Australia to have the procedure.
Yet, genital mutilation is happening in our country.
In fact, instances of genital mutilation in Australia have doubled in the past year.
According to the ABC’s analysis of ABS and UNICEF data: “around 5,640 girls under the age of 15 may be in danger, and 1,100 girls are born every year to women who may have had FGM. This means that three girls a day are born in Australia who are at high risk of being subjected to FGM.”
A recent report conducted by researchers at the Australian Paediatric Surveillance Unit at Westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney found evidence of children as young as five months old enduring genital mutilation procedures.

Whilst the practice of FGM is not a religious one, some Islamic communities persevere with the illegal procedure in Australia. In June 2016, Islamic sect community leader Shabbir Mohammedbhai Vaziri became the first person imprisoned for female genital mutilation in Australia.
So far, the ONLY one. 

FGM is a cultural practice in some regions within Malaysia, Indonesia, The Middle East and South Asia. We cannot allow FGM to happen in our country. The Royal Commission must use its powers to help make sure this horrific procedure never happens again on Australian shores.
Why hasn’t The Royal Commission investigated forced child marriage within the Muslim community?
Child welfare agencies have received 70 calls for help in the last two years.
Girls in Australia as young as nine have been sent overseas and forced to marry Muslim men.
The Australian Federal Police have investigated 69 complaints of child marriage in the last year alone.
Child marriage is outlawed in Australia.
State police forces have prosecuted Muslims participating in child marriage here.

The Royal Commission is an inquiry into ‘institutional responses to child sexual abuse’. It is not an Inquiry into child abuse in families. In order to classify as ‘institutional abuse’ and to attract the jurisdiction of the Royal Commission there must be an institutional connection.
Any child sexual abuse with the involvement or approval of an Islamic cleric would pass as institutional abuse.
Therefore the Royal Commission may investigate victim stories of underage child sex, forced child marriages, and genital mutilation of girls under 18.
So why hasn’t the Royal Commission done anything about this?

This is why.
The Christian Churches are hounded as though the 'systematic (as he calls it) incidents of child abuse were 'approved' or taught as a Christian thing to do.  It is not; they were not. But Muslim preachers advocate it, preach it, oblige it. It is little use to do even as Mr Kelso does, of offering protection by saying it is not 'Institutional' or not 'Muslim'.

Of course it is. 

But no Royal Commission has demanded an Immam front the court.

Why not?

Perhaps they have no interest in the 'whole truth'.

Bill had something to say about that:
Here are some truths you can bank on:
-Truth number one: Islam treats women as second class citizens.
-Truth number two: Much of the West treats Islam as a protected species.
-Truth number three: Much of the mainstream media will always rally to the defence of Islam.
We see this occurring every day. It is infuriating of course. The real mind-bender is the near universal silence of the leftists and the feminists whenever these cases of Islamic misogyny and sexism take place. Indeed, they will almost always defend Islam at all costs instead of denouncing it.

Meanwhile the media focuses on Milo.

I pulled a pint for Mr Kelso and for Bill for their points.



  1. Thank you for this post, Amfortas. I am heartily tired of being labelled a 'pedophile protector' simply because I have the honour of belonging to the Catholic church. Of course I don't approve of child abuse! And I know of no real Catholic who does. Islamists, on the other hand ... are a protected, but not an endangered, species.

    1. Absolutely. The Church has hung its head with the shame quite enough. And not before time. But anyone with kindness in their hearts and honesty in their soul will acknoledge that Catholic Priests, in the overwhelming main are Good men who devote their lives to helping and caring work. Perhaps we as Catholics have taken too much of the Zozchial Justitz under our wing and done insufficient to be Faithful, yest even then it cannot be said that the Church is 'Bad'.

      The Islamic creed on the other hand is holus bolus perverted, cruel, abusive and manipulative and it ought to be the subject of deep scrutiny. It is their practices in accordance with their diabolic originator that should be in the dock. But no-one in any position of Power in our nation dares to question them - out of FEAR.

  2. I saw Milo's salacious interview tape a year ago, so what's the deal with Breitbart who are supposed experts at investigation and research?
    What does it take to get the Islamists before the Commission? Probably some habeus corpus in the form of complainants. The likelihood of that isn't high.
    And, how about the accusations of Heffernan, Arena and Barnett? Not within the ambit of "Institutionalism" I suppose. Anyway, like the corrupt Wood Commission, it would be the guilty prosecuting themselves.
    So it will be business as usual for the VIP's while only the lower caste of individuals are put out of business. I wonder about the rumoured Pink Mafia in the Vatican and what difference this will all make in the upper echelons of the Church.

    1. The Chinese talked of 'Interesting Times'. We are in our own. It is evening in the Garden of Evil and night is falling.

  3. Great stuff as always. Yes, Islam's treatment of women FAR surpasses the crimes committed by the Catholic Church. Nevertheless, there were a bit more than a 'few' priests committing the acts here in America.

    Too many, and one thinks its because for a gay man, at least for some, becoming a priest was a good occupation.

    That's not to say, that you are so right about how the practices of Islam are so often ignored by our Western Laws.

    So, if ANYONE can tell us why the Western leaders of Europe, Australia, and past American Presidents wanted to FLOOD their countries with this madness, you can.

    Why amfortas? Why?

    1. Yes, the more than a few' is acknowledged. Far too many in fact. The last question of 'Why', is applicable to them too. The troubles we are in - in the Church, the Mosque and the corridors of power - are an expression of a much deeper war in a far larger realm. Evil is loose in the land. The Church is attacked by evil and undermined. Many priests fell in battle. Islam is a diabolical punishment on the world.

  4. The horrendous abuse and the behaviour of Church characters aside, it is my opinion that this issue is a convenient platform for its enemies to dismantle it - and Mr. Kelso appears to be one.
    In his link of his, one can see that his logic and conclusions, and his recommendations of future actions against the Church are quite revealing of a personal agenda.

    1. Yes, he is making his pile by 'ambulance chasing' abuse victims and his personal attitudes are distinctly anti-Catholic. I deliberately omitted refering to that aspect when he spoke here. As with all or most conversations in the Tavern, I do not necessarily agree with the speaker nor their stances in other areas, but as long as they do not piss on my carpets I let them speak.

      It is fine, alert and interested fellows like you who follow through and swallow only the saving Grace rather than all the talk. Thank you for the ref (I am sorry that the link is not in HTML here, but other interested folk can copy and paste it into a search engine)


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