Saturday, January 21, 2017


The hoo-hah is over and The Donald is on the throne that Obama built. What was turned from a Presidency into a Kingship is likely, soon, to be dismantled and returned to what was envisaged soon after the first Revolution in America - which was fought over Kingship. It now remains to be seen just how the Donald will go about the business of America.
The inauguration speech by The Donald bodes well. He used the word 'WE' 45 times and 'I" just three times. Let us all hope that it was not a 'Royal' we.

The riotous mobs cried and shouted: they screamed abuse. They are good at that. But their dismay and confusion as to how such a 'calamity' could have ever occurred in the nation Obama built so recklessly and imperiously is easily explained. 

Brendan O'Neill, ever a sound voice in the UK room of the Tavern, gave his view. Well, some of the most pertinent and personal reasons anyway.

I pulled a pint for him as he addressed the sooty snowflakes beyond the Tavern's hedges.
Trump! How did this happen?
It happened because you banned super-size sodas. 
And smoking in parks. 
And offensive ideas on campus. 
Because you branded people who oppose gay marriage ‘homophobic’, and people unsure about immigration ‘racist’.
Because you treated owning a gun and never having eaten quinoa as signifiers of fascism. 
Because you thought correcting people’s attitudes was more important than finding them jobs. 
Because you turned ‘white man’ from a description into an insult. 

Because you used slurs like ‘denier’ and ‘dangerous’ against anyone who doesn’t share your eco-pieties.
Because you treated dissent as hate speech and criticism of Obama as extremism. 
Because you talked more about gender-neutral toilets than about home repossessions. 
Because you beatified Caitlyn Jenner. 
Because you policed people’s language, rubbished their parenting skills, took the piss out of their beliefs.
Because you cried when someone mocked the Koran but laughed when they mocked the Bible.
Because you said criticising Islam is Islamophobia. Because you kept telling people, 
You can’t think that, you can’t say that, you can’t do that.’
Because you turned politics from something done by and for people to something done to them, for their own good.

Because you treated people like trash. And people don’t like being treated like trash. 
Trump happened because of you.

"Yes Obama et al, all you dirty snowflakes", he could have added... 

"You Built That"

I reckon Brendan deserved a pint or two. 

If you want to see some snaps that give a sound overview of the Inauguration, have a look at JH's scrapbook. 

The highs and the lowlives. 

I hope the New President cleans out the swamp effectively and quickly. The stench reaches around the world.

But, cheer up. Let's finish this with a song.


  1. Very, very busy couple of days over there. Looks as if it might be OK.

  2. I also watch with interest, the antics of those who were formally politically privileged and cossetted (they are certainly anything other than "elite") as they writhe and scream in anguish at the possibility of their excesses being curtailed and their self importance being truncated - shock - horror - it's tantrum time.

    Today we have the spectacle of their women pounding the pavements in protest about their own very special imagined "women's rights" and not a whisper about "women's responsibilities". Only the rotten men have those! Just what the world needs - more screeching, righteously self-entitled woman doing precious little apart from raucously "demanding" more stuff.

    I quite enjoyed the discomfort of the po-faced glitterati as Trump briefly outlined just what they might expect over the next four years immediately after he took the oath of office. I wish him well and I do so with a sense of fondness.
    Peter H.

  3. A fine reposted tweet on JH's Nourishing Obscurity about an anti-Trump march in Leicester UK, where someone threw a traffic cone that narrowly missed Trump by just 5802 miles. :)


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