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The mind boggles more frequently by the day. In a few hours 'The Donald' will receive the official acclaim of the American People and be inaugurated at their #Nth/st President and Commander in Chief of their mighty military. Unofficially the people are divided, which is the legacy of the #Nth/st minus one. And the boggling? That is due to the masses of thick, sick and lazy Democrats who so strongly object to their democratically elected President. 

Many don't want him because he once mentioned doing something rather rude and adolescent to the private parts of ladies. He proposed 'grabbing'. Just what he would do then, he didn't say, but using a knife on them did not feature. Don't ask Bill Clinton what he would do.

Meanwhile the aformentioned outgoing, past President for eight, long, disastrous years was raised as a Muslim who do do nasty things with knives to ladies private parts, and he advocated for more and more Moslems to be brought into America.  He pressed for the Moslem causes more than any westerner in history.  Those Moslem causes included killing homosexuals, stoning women to death, old men 'marrying' pre-pubescent girls, and women mutilating the sexual parts of little girls. The Democrats and general mobs of lefty ratbags said nothing. The feminists said nothing.

Here in Oz we face the same blind leftism regarding Islam, even spreading into the more-expected conservative politicians. They say little or nothing either.

My friend Lori was in just the other day and she said, " The Royal women's hospital in Melbourne opened a special clinic dedicated to treating Female Genital Mutilation in 2012. They treat approx 600 to 700 per year!!!!! How evil is this that such barbaric cruelty is occurring in our state of Victoria in Australia."

Even I was taken aback at that. I had not known it. Perhaps it has been in the newspapers of on TV and I missed it. 

I did however listen to Caroline Overington who came by. I pulled a pint and shook my sad old head as she spoke about the very subject. Almost.

March on, but remember girls mutilated at home
Now, I’m a feminist, obviously. I believe in equal rights for women: to work, to vote, to drive, to travel. But the Women’s Marches around the nation this weekend has me worried.
It has me sad that clever, articulate, successful women today can be such dullards as to even admit to being a feminist. To me it is like claiming being a kiddy-fiddler  and being proud enough of the depravity to put it in a newspaper column.
The Women’s Marches have been organised so Australian women can “show solidarity” with American women as Donald Trump becomes president.
Why should Australians show any solidarity at all? Did she seek solidarity for the President of Uganda when he took power? Or the Chinese chap?  What is it to do with her? 
The organisers hate him, obviously. 
He’s the pussy-grabber. 
The misogynist-in-chief. 
The group behind the Women’s March has a Facebook page that promotes Meryl Streep’s speech at the Oscars,; and the hashtag LoveTrumpsHate. And that’s fine.
Hate is fine, eh, Caroline?  None of this 'love everyone' stuff for her.
Trump was democratically elected but nobody has to like him, and protests against government are an important part of democracy too. So, march away.
But where, I wonder, is the thousand-strong march, the loud protests, the hashtags and the Twitter campaign for women and girls suffering the vilest forms of misogyny right here at home?
A good question, and I am glad she asked it. I only wish it was a rhetorical question and she provide the obvious answer. But her 'feminism' precludes that. 
Last week the Australian pediatric surveillance unit at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead in western Sydney released a report on female genital mutilation in this country. It found 59 brutalised girls. But here’s the line you don’t want to miss: the study’s author, Elizabeth Elliott, said “most of the procedures on the girls were performed overseas”.
Rather a low count considering what Lori told us. Has someone been releasing manipulated statistics? The authorities in Oz are masters of that dark art.
The key word in that sentence is “ most”. Most of girls had been cut overseas. But some were Australian-born. Meaning they had definitely been cut here. It’s very likely that some of the others had been cut here, too, after they arrived. Of the 59 — according to the report, that’s a gross underestimation of the actual numbers — only 13 were referred to child protection services. 
Why only 13?
These were girls whose parents — usually their mothers — had taken them to have them cut.
Ahhha, a slight nod toward the answer. It is women mutilating girls so we must tread very carefully lest we be accused to stopping woman doing whatever they want. 
What will happen to them next? Will they be shoved into an arranged marriage with a much older man to whom they already may be related? Because that, too, is happening.

Last October, a young Iraqi girl, Bee al-Darraj, told The Australian that she knew several girls from her former Islamic school who had been sent to Iraq to be married, while still underage. Nothing was done. 
She knew one girl who gave birth while underage in a public hospital in Sydney with her 28-year-old husband standing by. Nothing was done. 
She knew girls in Year 9 who were married and had 30-year-old husbands picking them up from school. Nothing was done. 
(To be clear, there’s no suggestion the school knew, for to know and not report would be a gross breach of mandatory reporting obligations. What we’re talking about here is child rape.)
No. There is no suggestion - a phrase no doubt pressed upon her by a lawyer somewhere. To expect a school, staffed predominantly and often wholly by women to adversly report a matter that would call a woman into question is almost entirely unexpected.  And who in the school would? The duty teachers who are 'in a relationship with' a schoolboy or girl, or was 'having an affair' with one of her underage charges? 
Last week, we had a prominent cleric, imam Ibrahim Omerdic, 61, charged with conducting a child marriage between a girl under the age of 16, and a man aged 30.
This is real, and it is happening here, and it is right now. Dozens, maybe hundreds, maybe thousands of girls are suffering vile abuse, but it’s like screaming in an abyss. Where is the march? Where is the hashtag?
Indeed. Where? 
Genital cutting is not as fancy a topic as Hollywood pay for women, obviously, but it’s a creeping tragedy that threatens the freedom of all Australian women. A freedom our grandfathers and great-uncles died for. A freedom the feisty Australian suffragettes of yesteryear, with their dry wit and their long skirts and their button-up boots, once marched for.
Oy Vey, Caroline. Australian women had the vote without marching a step. It was given to them in Perth first to counter the large number of men in Kalgoorlie who threatened to vote against Federation. It had nothing to do with 'equal rights for women'. 
I get that there’s cultural sensitivity. People don’t want to be accused of racism or bigotry.
And who would be first to shout that, m'dear? 

Lefties. Feminists. Neck and neck even when one is not the other. 

I had to pour m'self a cooling ale !
They don’t want to discriminate. But what about the discrimination against girls going on right now in Australian schools? Don’t believe it? Cast your eye over this, the official uniform list for the al-Faisal College in Sydney’s west.
She showed the list here:

Boys’ summer uniform 
Blue school trousers Short-sleeve blue school shirt (with logo) Black school shoes School hat School tie
Boys’ winter uniform 
Blue trousers Long-sleeve blue shirt (with logo) Blue jumper (with logo) School tie Black school shoes Blue socks School hat
Girls’ summer uniform 
Blue summer dress (ankle-length) Long-sleeve blue school shirt Knee-high navy socks Black school shoes School hat/sky-blue scarf
Girls’ winter uniform 
Blue tartan school dress (ankle-length) Long-sleeve white shirt Blue jumper (with logo) Sky-blue scarf Black school shoes Navy stockings School hat.
What jumps out? Only the girls, from age five, have to wear long sleeves, even in summer.
Only the girls have to wear skirts to the floor (ankle-length) summer and winter. The hijab, or head covering, also is compulsory for girls, from age five. It is compulsory even for sport. The boys scamper about in short sleeves.
My mind was now aboggle. Caroline has seamlessly moved from the subject of cutting the clitoris from a small girl - indeed, thousands of small girls - to a consideration of sleeve and hem lengths in school uniforms. I needed a short  whisky chaser to my fine Ale. 
A friend of a friend who is a teacher at the school recently sent out some pictures of children at the school receiving certificates at an assembly.
The boys are relaxed and grinning. The girls are swathed in so much fabric you can see only their faces. You support this, with your taxes.
It’s blatant discrimination. It tells girls that there is something sinful about them, something that will drive men to distraction, something they need to keep covered while out in the world.
The sight of your wrists, or ankle, or forearm is offensive and wrong.
Now, Australian women are smart, and most of them are very used to carrying more than one bucket at a time. Meaning: they know that you can adore pretty clothes and still want equal pay.
Likewise, you can be outraged by female genital mutilation, and forced marriage, and lousy school uniform codes, and Donald Trump. But which is more important? Macho bragging about pussy-grabbing in a trailer on the set of The Apprentice? Or acts of extreme violence against girls — and the rights of girls — here and now?
Yes, it’s possible to carry more than one bucket, so, if you’re marching this weekend, good on you, that’s your right — but maybe also carry a placard for your Australian sisters, suffering vile misogyny as we speak.
They’re hidden from view but they deserve attention, too.
I am no longer astonished at the waste of time and effort and money our media hands to women who then cannot stick to the point long enough to make the point, even when it is of such importance.

Little girls are Mutilated. Lets bring in women's pay and some fashion notes!

The Prof, JJ Ray muttered something from a corner table. He was miffed too.

CAROLINE has some restrained comments about the butchered genitals of *Australian* Muslim girls.  I would add:  "What about Clemmie?" Alleged feminist Clementine Ford wrote recently and angrily about the rude way some young Australian men at a car rally spoke to some of the women present.  
Where is her sense of values?  There is no record of any women being hurt by men at the Summernats but there is ample record of what some Australian Muslim families do to their daughters.  If rude car-freaks burn up Clemmie, female genital mutilation should set her on fire.  But there is no record of that.  No rage at all. 
It is quite clear that Clemmie, like most so-called feminists, doesn't care about women at all.   

All that drives her is her hate of her fellow Australians -- in the best Leftist tradition.   

She is a towering hypocrite and a nasty piece of goods. 

She should be proud that even while in a drunken mob, young Australian men did women no harm. Her misdirected anger defiles Australian society.   

Does someone have to perform a clitoridectomy on her to get her attention to it?   

I think it would take that much.

Being rude and crude is a matter of poor manners. It could be seen as adolescent bravado. It harms no-one. 

Mutilating a little girl's genitals Traumatises.

It is almost the ultimate sexual abuse, but do not expect anyone in our government or abuse industry to do anything about it.

But hey, we don't want to get a mother in trouble now, do we.

And we do have to remember that all cultures are equal. 

Need a pint, "Bigot"?

Perhaps Caroline should think about her multi-grievance feminism and listen to this :


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