Monday, November 9, 2015

The Reliable ABC

If only one could laugh. 

The whole Tavern groaned at the ABC this weekend.
So let me get this straight. (said Tim)
Having a picture of a critic of the ABC having sex with a dog on national TV is ok?
Having a convicted felon, woman hating Muslim on national TV is ok?
A harmless song that offends one person is bad?
Your ABC folks. What a joke!
A goofy old novelty song is forever banished by the ABC: 
Complaint: A 936 ABC Hobart listener complained that an offensive song was played on the Weekends program.

Complaint Finding Status: Upheld.
Audience and Consumer Affairs response: The broadcast of the song ‘My Boomerang Won’t Come Back’was not in keeping with the ABC’s editorial standards for harm and offence; there was no editorial justification for playing it. The song was not on a regular ABC playlist but was aired because it was requested by a listener. This error was due to staff not being familiar with the track’s lyrics. The ABC apologised to the complainant,removed the track completely from the system and took steps to ensure that this would not happen again. 
Curiously, in recent years only the ABC has bothered to even reference Charlie Drake’s elderly tune (although Andrew Denton mistakenly thought it was performed by Rolf Harris). This may be the first George Martin-produced track to be banned by the ABC following one complaint from a solitary Tasmanian.
The song was by a comedian 56 years ago.

Alan spluttered into his ale and said:

How about Phillips Adams’s theme song: 

“Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”. 
A song poking fun at Christ’s crucifixion. 
Take Phillip Adams off the air for so offending so many people over such a long period!

Now there's a thought.

Meanwhile, something else that does come back with fierce regularity.....

Tribal trouble
A NERVOUS peace hangs over Angurugu today as senior community people meet in an effort to prevent a repeat of yesterday’s violence that left two men — aged 19 and 29 — dead and more injured…
Commander Tony Fuller said the spear fight of 50 to 60 residents of Angurugu began as a family feud…

“Police attempted to disperse the crowd but were forced to retreat due to the overwhelming number of armed persons who had gathered on each end of the street brandishing spears at each other,” Commander Fuller said…
Groote Eylandt has a troubled history of intra-clan violence and while yesterday’s deaths were sparked by new sequence of events, feuds go back generations. 

We didn't see that on the ABC in Tasmania.

Hey, blackfellas, its Oz and the 21st century. Write a friggin' song.

I suppose it makes a change from Muslims.

The mind boggles. 

Pax, dammit !! 


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