Saturday, November 21, 2015

Air, Water & Earth

Let us leave 'Fire' aside for a while. Bushfire season is upon us again and we shall have plenty of that. What the talk in the Tavern was about today, what little talk there was in the sunshine, was about the very essence of the place, Tasmania.

My friend James in the UK loves the water. He would love it here and indeed he often mentions that he may like to live here. It does not suprise me. This is an island of waters. Shores, beaches, lakes, inlets, rivers. Tides. And wildness. Nature raw and beautiful.

And tides are pressing upon me these days. I had to move my living quarters and will have to again in a few months. I ask myself should I stay here of go over the sea to the Big Island to the north.

I love this place.

The Tavern photographer accompanied me on a jaunt today. His pictures (some) are below.
From my Mountain today.
500,000 people are enough to meet and mix with. On an island the size of England. Well, Ireland at any rate. But far and away more beautiful.
Even Darwin loved this place

It is from the air, which is my medium of choice if not ability anymore, that we get the sense of the place. So my customers today were letting their memories and dreams loose and take flight.

Enjoy. I did.

 It is odd. To me. Tasmania is ideal for sea planes, amphibians, but we have so few.  This mob tried very hard to drum up a good business, but the Hillary Village regulations hampered it right out of existence.

Dogs love it too. Not just Knights and Kings.

Individuals do try though. Occasionally.

They wax lyrical about Tasmania, with good reason, if not great poetic skill.

And this strange little town that sits like a sparkling carpet along the shores of a wide and quiet river as it enters the Great Southern Ocean.

I may have to leave.

But the sights, sounds, smells and peacefulness..........

Beaches here are never crowded. Barely anyone else around.

I may stay.

At least for coffee and cakes.

A change from the Tavern patio, but splendid nonetheless.



  1. I have lovely recollections of a wonderful ice cream on that beautiful patio. Alas, pragmatism takes precedence over possibility, no matter how pretty!
    Peter H.

    1. I miss your fine company Peter. The ice ream is still good and the views as ever. Yes, pragmatism does tend to dominate but I am inclined to slip past it and whack it from behind.

  2. Decisions, decisions, Amfortas. Get more difficult later.

    1. They get more pressing to be sure, but let's get Christmas and New Year out of the way first.

  3. I looks wonderful, I can see how hard it would be to leave behind.

    I enjoyed the videos and the stunning photographs provided by the Tavern photographer :-)

    1. It has crossed my mind to send him on a course over at your place :)

    2. You are too kind my dear Amfortas :-)


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