Monday, November 9, 2015

Aboriginal Entitlement.

As if feminists weren't bad enough, even they have much to learn from some other primitives in Hillary's Village.

The talk over the past session since opening time has been a constant whinge about Aboriginal matters. It has covered ground from old comic songs to spear fights in the street, and I scratched my old grey head wondering where it was all coming from.  

It was the terrible twins, Bolt and Blair, and then along comes the Prof, JJ.  He pointed out some salient matters.
Aboriginal ethics (said JJ ) are a form of Communism.  They really do practice, "From each according to his ability and to each according to his need". A windfall for one Aborigine does not stay with him alone.  It must be shared with others of his tribe. 
And a windfall received today is used up today.  There is no sense of saving for the future.  And those ideas are totally contrary to mainstream Western ideas.  Why?
There is mention of it below but in summary, it all goes back to tribal life. Those ethics were logical and served Aborigines well in a tribal state -- when a windfall consisted of catching a large and tasty animal.  You shared your  catch with the rest of the tribe in the assurance that others in the tribe would share their catch with you next time. And in the absence of refrigeration, nothing could be saved for tomorrow so it all had to be used up straight away. 
Unfortunately for the do-gooders, the tribal life is quite recent in the Aboriginal experience so they still have the old ethics and attitudes.  So what is described below as profligacy and corruption is in fact by Aboriginal standards right, ethical and proper.  
Giving Aborigines stuff always ends up the same way. It all tends to be glossed over now but the first big example of giving stuff to Aborigines was probably the Lake Tyers experiment in Victoria.  In 1970 a large rural property was handed over to the Aborigines living there in the hope that they would run it as a going concern and become largely self-supporting.  They promptly ran it into the ground and put their hands out for welfare.  They have been wailing ever since about how the white man doesn't treat them right.   
And there have been other handovers of rural properties with similar results. Will anybody ever learn anything from such episodes?  Not when policy is formed by urban whites who know nothing about Aborigines
So why is readily available anthropological knowledge about Aborigines ignored?   
It is ignored because of the Leftist "All men are equal" gospel.  That Aborigines are different cannot be allowed. 
  Aborigines must be seen as "just like us only browner".   
To say otherwise is to be branded a racist.   
So what is on trial in Darwin at the moment is Leftism:  The stupid gospel that Aborigines are the same as us. It is that gospel that has led to the great waste described. 
 Aboriginal and Western ethics collide
What happened to $34 million from Aboriginal fund on Groote Eylandt?  It was millions of dollars in mining royalties that was meant to be spent for the benefit of the Groote Eylandt community.
Instead, tens of millions were spent on 156 cars and boats, fridges, a barge, gambling at the casino and charter flights.
The latest chapter in the extraordinary saga played out in the Darwin Supreme Court on Monday.
The former public officer of Groote Eylandt Aboriginal Trust (GEAT), Rosalie Lalara, had earlier pleaded guilty to misappropriating almost $500,000. Her bail was revoked and she is now behind bars awaiting sentencing.
If you don't know where Darwin is, there's no helping you.

A total of $34 million disappeared from the GEAT coffers between 2010 and 2012, leaving just $400,000 remaining in the account.
While Lalara has pleaded guilty to a fraction of the missing millions, exactly what happened to the rest remains a mystery.
But those involved in the case said little of it appeared to have been spent on housing, education or the needs of the community.
Jacqueline Lahne was brought in as the interim operations manager at GEAT when the trust was put into administration in 2012.
"My initial impression was that there was a group of people [on Groote Eylandt] who were literally living like rock stars," she said in an interview with the ABC.

"Chartered planes, vehicles waiting for them at airports, they owned multiple vehicles and boats themselves. They had access endlessly to cash for their lifestyles and then for their families."
Groote Eylandt, a remote island off Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, regularly appears at the top of the Northern Territory's richest postcodes. 
It earns millions each year in royalties from the nearby South32 manganese mine.
Since its inception in the early 1960s, the trust has earned more than $200 million in royalties.
Lalara told the ABC she is not responsible for all the money that went missing.  "They accuse me of being a thief and I don't steal," Lalara said in an interview with the ABC.
Lalara was the community's go-to person on the trust and said not everyone was happy with the trust's rules on how royalty money should be spent.
"They say, 'Oh, it's our money, you should spend this money on us. Why you keeping the money, what for? It shouldn't be up there in the bank, it should be down here spent'," she said.
Court documents in a separate case allege Lalara was involved in the purchase of 156 cars and boats at a total cost of $5 million.
A barge and real estate in Cairns were also bought with trust money.
The documents alleged cash cheques to a total value of $3.5 million were written from the trust account and fraudulently recorded against funeral costs.
Millions remain unaccounted for due to poor record keeping
In court documents in civil proceedings against Darwin's Skycity casino, it is alleged Lalara gambled more than $1 million of trust money.
"If I had a million dollars would I be gambling it? No, thank you. That is all bad," she said. "We went and bought a whole heap of stuff ... maybe fridges, washing machines, even air conditioners, yeah, beddings, beds, mattresses, yep."
But what exactly has happened to the remaining $33 million is unclear.
Ms Lahne said that many millions remain unaccounted for because GEAT kept poor records. She believes non-Indigenous businesses who preyed on the trust received a large percentage of the missing millions.
"I guess we'd call them carpetbaggers wouldn't we?" she said.  "They're people, or sharks, that prey on vulnerable populations.
"They find that organisations are limited in their governance structures and capacity, they work their way in there."
Court documents alleged one operator who did business with the trust regularly charged 30 per cent commission to the trust.
"Vehicles that had been purchased by the trust weeks before for perhaps $35,000, were sold on for $5,000 or $10,000 in cash," Ms Lahne said.
"So the trust automatically lost a portion of cash and the vehicle disappeared, plates were destroyed, it's gone."
Purchase of cars for teens triggered 'distrust'
Not all of the community were benefiting from the largesse. It was the purchase of cars for kids barely in their teens that caused the community outrage and made them act.
"Thirteen-year-old girls getting bought a car and 15-year-old boys getting a boat," said Keith Hansen, who has lived on the island for 25 years. "That's when the distrust really came into place, when they were buying for a birthday for a 13-year-old girl a flash Ford Falcon sedan."
Groote Eylandters told the ABC that 300 locals confronted Lalara about the trust's finances on the oval in the town of Anuragu in early 2012.  Punches were thrown, the police were called and there were multiple arrests.
On March 12, 2012 more than 500 locals signed a petition which was sent to the Northern Territory Attorney-General, saying "many millions of dollars have been wasted and corruption is rife ... no-one is game to do anything for fear of retribution".
The Government stepped in and a statutory manager was appointed. Ms Lahne worked alongside the statutory manager and said she was "shocked" when she arrived on Groote Eylandt.
"I would have expected with all the years of royalties going into that island to see more supporting infrastructure, better local health services, better support agencies that the trust might be investing in but there was no evidence of that," she said.
But Lalara said she was put under great cultural pressure by beneficiaries to keep buying things for them with money from the trust. 
"I reckon I was stuck with the two worlds. White-man world, white-man way and blackfella way. And what I was trying to do was to do it our way, and it's not written in the book," she said.
Not that she is 'racist' for saying that of course.  
"We try to balance the both sides so it doesn't how you say ... ruin things. But it obviously ruined [things]."
Lalara is angry that the community has not defended her since charges were laid against her in 2013. "The community is the fault and I say they are gutless and they are coward and it's their fault all this happened," she said.
"Now everybody's ... happy sitting behind their cars and steering wheels and that they don't even want to help [me]."
Groote is a long way from Tasmania and our Aboriginies were all wiped out a couple of centuries ago by the racist white fellas.  That's why we never hear of corruption and  misappropriations of aboriginal benefit monies here.  Hah ! That or the ABC keeping quiet about it. That's what all the Aboriginies here say, anyway, although I have no idea how they came back from the total and utter genocide they suffered.

They all vote labour of course.

Drink up.



  1. An aboriginal university worker I knew got shunned from her community because she bought a house and, after a whole heap of them moved in and started living off her as their culture allows, she kicked them out.
    This predominantly leftist person got fed up with being the only person contributing.
    A friend met a carpenter whose job it is to go around houses in aboriginal communities fixing them up (on taxpayer funds). He'd spend a month fixing up a house before moving onto the next one, knowing he'd be back again in six month after they'd trashed it.
    A big thing there was using floorboards and doors for fire wood.
    Of course, a politician wanting to show the 'plight' of Aboriginals would show the media around a house after it had been trashed... BY THE OCCUPANTS!

    1. All hail the Taxpayer: the white fella. The font of cash and goodies. All controlled by lefty white fellas (well, most are female but that's another matter) clerking away in Gummunt Departments (their salaries and perks are paid from taxes too, remember). They get fat off the largesse and do not want to see the gravy train dry up.

      The 'incident' above is about mining royalties but that $200 million is just a drop in an ocean of Tax monies spent on the tiny Aboriginal population.


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