Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Move.

My move to new quarters is complete. Well, almost.  Still a little sorting out to do, especially with the Tavern reporting.

Thankfully there were several young Knights and a fetching Lady at hand to help and the two day moving my kit exercise went fine apart from leaving this Knackered old Knight even more knackered than usual. 

But the new quarters are splendid, even down to the views over the grounds. One gets used to the sight from one's usual windows, but just a few yards away the views can be quite different. Such is this small Isle with its never-flat horizons (except at sea).

Even the view at night is better from here. And the evening air is heady.

The Tavern services continued in my absence although the staff were reluctant to take the plunge and tell of what they heard around the tables and counters and bartops.

Give me a day or two.



  1. Afetching lady, eh? Tell us about the fetching lady. :)

    1. The Lady is the one who vacated the quarters in order to go an a long holiday to South America. She fetched and carried some items from my place to her's. Fine gal. Teacher of French at a 'prestigious' school down in Hillary's Village.

  2. The view is stunning! Don't forget to have a well earned rest to recharge your batteries :-)

    1. My old legs do need a rest, but the minor wickednesses of my long and varied life catch up and rest is hard to get ! :)


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