Friday, February 20, 2015

Things we Ought Not do at Home

For some things I have to take leave from my Tavern duties and travel across the seas. For one such I will be across the waters in Melbourne at the Avalon Air Show, for this old Knight does like his jousting.

These days the main jousts are in the skies and the Knights of the air are no airy-faeries. They do hairy things that astound in machines which are as breathtaking in their abilities as they are awesome in their designed function. 

The Clash of Arms.

A preview ASTOUNDED the customers on the patio, in the sunshine.

The 'envelope' has been steamed open !!

I must wait.

I must pray they are used only for defeating evil.

The new......

The Old.....

And the coolest....

And yes, he did confirm that he lit the pipe at 30,000ft !

Now I must light mine and go down to change a barrel over.

Yes, this CAN be done at home.



  1. That is a spectacular video! Have a great time at the airshow :-)

    1. I shall give it a go at having a great time, Cherie. Old bones are weather-dependant. But as for that video, those men make the aircraft do what aircraft cannot do. Spectacular is the word.

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  3. Knew you'd be up in the air before long.


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