Monday, February 2, 2015

The Tavern Bouncer

A while back I mentioned that the Tavern has a Bouncer. He checks folk at the door to make sure they are fine, upstanding folk in need of sustenance and good company. Not seeking if you are  'kosher' as such but definitely not allowing  Halal !

The piece did not dwell on him though (or his lady wife who stands in while he is doing household chores) but dealt with some theological - political matters. You can read it again if you like.

Perhaps it is time to say more about Tavern comment policy. I nedd to do this due to the daily swarm of comments we get.

You may notice some lively comments to some posts and not to others. But let me assure you that every post gets at least five comments, and over time as many as 100. But most are from people who do not get past the Bouncer.
Don't let the looks deceive.
He really is a very nice Gentleman.
Several times he has had to throw an entire thread of comments out as the commenter tried to be a smartarse and discordist. A regular customer, James, has warned of one particular commenter  a while back. He was right. 

(By the way, James H, I may have a special treat for you next week.)

But in the main it is people trying to sell all sorts of shyte or steal stuff from my cellar.

The Bouncer can spot them coming up the drive.

Many are Chinese. Military types, and it seemingly very young.  The language gives them away; not to mention that the Bouncer can track them all the way back to a particular building in a specific city in China. It is quite a crowded place.  Just why they would want to target the tavern only their Colonel would know, but I think it is just 'practice'. 

Give over fellows.

And from Russia and some of its ex-satellites.  Porn is their nasty game. They leave a calling-card, which we do not want. They don't get a foot on the door-step. 

These sorts are likely to meet the Bouncer's 'back-up'. In the car-park. 
The Bouncer's pet cat.
Americans generally try to sell the most amazing array of crap. Or want me to visit their site. They will leave comments that have absolutely nothing to do with the post. Some of the comments are quite complex, and very poorly articulated. To those folk I would recommend Fowler's capital little book on English Usage. That is if they can read.

Look, it is sometimes fun reading the Bouncer's reports but there IS a way you spammers can actually get through. 


Put your website URL in the spot designed for it. Give your name. Give your email. 

Be wise.

It ain't that hard.

Your comment will stand a better chance of getting through.

Maybe. No Guarantees.

My Bouncer likes his job and he has a beady eye on you.



  1. A lot of the poorly articulated comments are automatically generated spam. I get it too... From 'home improvements daily' 'PC hacks' 'Nike' and some finance website among others. A few months back I had to turn off comments on older posts as I was receiving hundreds of spam comments each week. Filtering through and deleting them was taking up too much of my time!!

    Currently I am not able to receive any comments... spam or otherwise ;-)

    1. That is a thought, Cherie. Indeed some make no sense at all. Artificial intelligence still has a long way to go to reach even a socialist voter's level.

  2. You do awesome work my friend:). Let not the "concern trolls" bother you.

  3. By the way, James H, I may have a special treat for you next week.

    Ta very muchly.


Ne meias in stragulo aut pueros circummittam.

Our Bouncer is a gentleman of muscle and guile. His patience has limits. He will check you at the door.

The Tavern gets rowdy visitors from time to time. Some are brain dead and some soul dead. They attack customers and the bar staff and piss on the carpets. Those people will not be allowed in anymore. So... Be Nice..