Saturday, August 2, 2014

Watch in Awe

Occasionally an old Knight turned Tavern Keeper sees in the distance a Knight of such stature that I have to pull my steed to a stop, put my towel down and just look in Awe.

There are dragon -slayers who do not shave and for whom a bath is a rare pleasure. Shining armour denotes a lazy knight, unused to battle. There are  'hairy men' who are all action and little thought, like my Bouncer: all useful muscle and guile. But there are also Captains; Knights who do present well and may well give the enemy a carefully disguised impression of being a bit of a poseur. They are not.  They are as deep as they are broad. They are men of rare Character.

Politics and 'Government' is full of men - and women - who seek out worms and try to convince the voters that he /she is a dragon-slayer when in fact all they are and can ever be is a politically correct wrecker.

Whole Government Departments are populated by drones led by charlatans instead of Charlamagnes. People who ARE dragons.

But along comes a Knight who cares much for the forces arrayed before him. The bigger the better. He revels in his skill and determination.

He will slash and thrust, dismembering the Legions in his way until he gets to the Man or Woman holding the Standard beside the Warlord, and he will cut them down.

He will thrust his lance into the Beast.

We can see such a man in Mr Trey Gowdy.

It is not a name many know, but they should.

Knights no longer look like this.
They can now be found in a suit and tie or with a taverner's apron.

In the modern political arena of America Trey Gowdy is but a 'Representative', in the House of Reps. He is from the tribe of Lawyers. I do not know his provenance but I suspect he has dispatched so many lawyers in his time that the field runs with their blood and he now has his sights on far bigger liars.

Trey drops in like a Paratrooper to lay waste the waste.

The Paras Memorial, UK.

I give you some examples:

For example. A 'Professor' is accorded great privilege in our society. Learned men and women. Highly paid. Governments have pockets full of them. Bought and paid-for. 

The 'absent-minded professor' was once an amusing figure, even liked.  But wheeled into 'Committees' where they can toe the party line......

Toadies and gainsayers. They fall under Trey's sword.

Here he disembowels a Judge. A pleasure to watch.

We give special Privileges to Judges. They are supposed to be above the fray, listening to argument and forming judicious 'Opinion'. 

Then there are the Government Department 'big-wigs' to are a law unto themselves. Princelings over their own patch of desert, where no honour or decency grows. Trey uses his spiked ball on a chain on the aptly named Mr Fink.

As Mr Gowdy, the Knight, says, it is a matter of Character and Morality.

We need more such men.


(When we have earned it)


  1. Must be difficult with all those swords flashing about in the tap room.

  2. The last video in particular chimes with me. I am in a place that allows me to see it happening first hand. It makes my blood boil! This is the area of things where I 'campaigned' for stopping changes, the taking away of contractual entitlements.

    Changes that would ultimately empower the higher voices. The media spin and nonsense promoting and justifying the changes also makes my blood boil!

    Then there is the issue/connection with governments and their 'big' corporate pals...

    I think we have now passed the tipping point. The lowly voices are being ignored, the higher voices will continue with their 'wonderful' ideas regardless of the lower voices. We are heading towards dark times (again)... History repeats its cycle...

    Nice photograph btw ;-)


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