Sunday, August 10, 2014

Big Moon Watching

A fine crowd on the patio this evening, braving the sprinkings of snow. All gathered to look at the Moon.

We had amongst us representatives from the University of Tasmania and some local 'amateur' astronomers who could speak the same language (although I was able to hear a bit of one-upmanship going on in the jargon department.)

The University of Tasmania has its own Telescope, adding to its claim to be in the 'Top 2% in the World', something which the local Mensa group probably knows more about.  But to be fair, it may well be in the top 2%  in something or other if you count in Ulan Bator Agricultural and Motor Bike Repair College, the Sleaford Tech colonial outpost at Duntroon and the Maharajah Mahesh Yogi University, whose most famous graduate wrote a book about Men being from Mars and Women from Venus.

There were OOOs and AAAHHs as the moon appeared fleetingly from behind the clouds, and several people did swear blind that it was bigger.

Dr Poitr Zygliskinski, the professional chap down in the Uni disabused the throng however, and he had support from Fred, our local amateur star gazer.

"The Moon is no bigger than it was last week", he explained. "Celestial bodies that are close enough to us that we can see them with the naked eye, do not act like balloons", he said, patiently.  "They do not get bigger".
"It is a well established fact, and you can sign up for a degree in it in my department - just put your 'X' here and deposit a 100 bucks - that cheese does not expand.  It has just got a bit closer due to passing meteorites gouging out space from between the Moon and our delightful Tasmania. We have had quite a few lately".
His mini-lecture was almost spoiled by some lout at the back pointing out that some of the wotnots in the sky that we can see with the naked eye do indeed expand,  "and even explode, only a long time passes before we get to see them do it. I read it in one of your pamphlets. They might be balloons", he asserted.

I had to restrain the Bouncer and instead pulled a few extra pints for both.

Another local chap  with a camera took some snaps.

"I am more used to photographing birds" he said. "And Dr Poitr's only gets Radio National, not pictures."

I managed to get nudged whilest taking a snap of my own and only managed to get the snow on the outside dunny. But at least I did catch a possum with a glint in his eye looking on in amusement - just in picture on the left side, in a tree.

All in all, the drink flowed and a fine time was had but the mooning was brief.

Maybe some better mooning next time.



  1. It is not looking promising over here for a glimpse of the moon this evening. The tail end of Tropical Storm Bertha is making its way across parts of the UK. Maybe next time ;-)

    There was a very nice sunset on Friday evening though :-)

    1. Neverytheless you did a nice report in your 'Cherie's Place' :)

      Tavern visitors can access it on the right wall here------------>

  2. I do hope your viewing is better than mine. The perigee the other week was completely obscured here and this one was barely better. But the snow sprinkle is nice. :)

    1. To my surprise the moon was visible. It was bright and beautiful but I am not sure it was any larger than usual... Photographing the moon (on this occasion) proved difficult and I am not entirely happy with the results.

      I was relieved not to see a possum looking on with a glinting eye over my neighbours roofs. I do however wonder what my neighbours thought as I stood outside my front door and hung outside my bedroom window taking photographs in their direction...

  3. Here in Missouri, the moon was big, but I've seen bigger!

    Nice pictures!

    1. Big? It was a weather balloon. ! Hahaha.


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