Friday, March 2, 2018

They Haven't Got a Prayer

We are blessed with so many examples of leftist hypocricy that we can barey know with what to start the litany.  But we did get one talked about in the Tavern today which is a fine and topical example to  consider over a pint.  It was about Prayer: who has one; who does not.  Do you Pray? I am bound to put my hand up, as I do, daily. Well, what would you expect ?  But it is not the sort of subject that crops up on the goggle-box much, ever since 'Songs on Sunday' disappeared.  But up it came from a most unexpected quarter. A lefty chat-fest.

Of course to most lefties of all ilks from pinky socialists to deep red communists to the everyday, bog standard atheist - not all of course - litanies are far from their experience, especially the Litany of Humility. This Litany is commonly attributed to Rafael Cardinal Merry del Val (1865-1930): CS Lewis certainly thought the good Cardinal wrote it. But I doubt if the glitteratti, celebrities and TV nonebrities have had it brought to their attention. Perhaps they should be sent a copy. Without it they do not have this prayer at least. 

The first inkling came a while ago when the U.S. Vice President, one Mr Pence made mention  - being as he was asked, grilled, interrogated about his private views on matters - that he prayed. He also made mention that he made it his habit never to be alone with any woman other than his wife. Boy oh boy did that go down like a lead balloon. What a strange, bizarre and very likely dangerous chap he must be, came the comments from those celebs, nonebs and glitterings. 

Having had their fillet of that for a bit they then started on the Praying bizzo. That charge into the Valley of ComeupPence was 'viewed' by millions of women who glue themselves religiously to the twitterings and garrulousness of the ladies of 'The View'.  

I pulled a pint for Jim Treacher while he told about it and some interesting asides.
Oprah Talks to God, But It's Okay Because She's Not Mike Pence
A few weeks ago, Vice President Mike Pence was criticized for engaging in a custom that's frowned upon by our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the media. He was mocked for his belief in a very controversial and outdated practice: prayer.

From the meeting place of America's finest minds known as The View, here's noted theologian Joy Behar analyzing Mike Pence's religious beliefs and practices:
"It's one thing ta tawwwk ta Jesus. It's anothah thing when Jesus tawwwks ta you. That's cawwwled 'mental illness,' if I'm nawwwt correct. Hearing voices." [APPLAUSE SIGN]

Got that, all you Christians and Muslims and Jews and Bahá'í and the rest? You really think God talks to you? You really think all your prayers mean anything? You're crazy.
Pence was suitably humiliated for practicing his religion in the United States of America. But it sounds like the next POTUS didn't get the memo.  
There’s only one thing that could make Oprah Winfrey run for president in 2020.
At Prayer

Amid calls for her to consider a run for the White House — from fans as well as her closest friends — “I went into prayer,” she tells PEOPLE in the magazine’s new cover story. “‘God, if you think I’m supposed to run, you gotta tell me, and it has to be so clear that not even I can miss it.’ And I haven’t gotten that.”
How about that. Sounds like she thinks God talks to her, and he hasn't told her what to do yet.
And now, here's a clip of Joy Behar mocking Oprah Winfrey for imagining that God talks to her:................
We can wait ! 
Nobody's going to go after Oprah for being religious and having a personal relationship with God. Not because they respect her faith, necessarily, but because she's a powerful media figure. 
You'd better not mess with her or she can hurt you. 
If you want to build and keep a career in media, anyway.
Also, it's racist because she's black. 
And it's sexist because she's a woman. 
And it's a partisan political attack because she's a Democrat.
Three strikes, Mike Pence!
I know, I know: Joy Behar is just a comedian. Why am I criticizing her? Can't I take a joke?
Well, two things. 1) No, I can't, and 2) That's the sort of dishonest "Clown Nose Off, Clown Nose On" tactic that's been perfected for the past couple of decades by Behar, and Jon Stewart, and other lefty comics.
Here's how it goes: We're supposed to pay attention to what these people say because of their prominence. 
They're very important people, and they have very important opinions. 
But then, when we engage them on an argument they're making and point out the flaws in it, they retreat. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. I'm just a comedian!"
That's Jimmy Kimmel's newest bit: reading the cue cards written for him by Chuck Schumer, and then telling everybody to leave him alone because he doesn't matter. Even Jimmy Fallon is starting to get into the act, because that's how you get ratings in 2018. 
They don't care that it's dishonest. It gets them accolades from the people they want to impress, and nothing else matters to them.
What if Oprah does hear from God eventually? 
What if she runs in, say, 2024? Assuming the Democrats keep going the way they've been going, she'll be running against Pence. It'll be devout Christian vs. devout Christian. (sic). I don't know how Dems will resolve the cognitive dissonance, but it'll be fun to watch them try.
You don't have to share Mike Pence's religious beliefs, or anybody else's. But using his religion as a political attack is really low. What the h-e-double-toothpicks is wrong with you?
Pence will forgive you, because he's better than you are.
But I'm not.

Forgiveness is hard. We are reluctant to forgive our enemies. 

Fortunately for me Joy Behar is not my enemy. She may insult this person and that,  but until she has a go at me there is now't for me to forgive her for.  Mind you, were she to have a go at me, I just might reach for my sword and give her a taste of the flat sides. Then, of course, forgive her, give her a drink, and provide a cushion for her sore bottom.

No, Joy insults my Supplier.



The Father.  The Son. And the Holy Spirit.

She could do with praying to Him for forgiveness.

I do my own share of naughty things for which I seek forgiveness.

As Joy and her nasty-girl friends are bereft of prayers, indeed seem to have no idea how to pray, ......

it is up to you and I to pray for them.

For Joy and all else who haven't a prayer of their own and need to have a few words with my Supplier (and yours too, remember) here is a suggestion. 

For her and her garrulous friends on the view, I pray daily (well, they are included, just as you are, and me too).
Oh my Jesus, forgive us our sins,Save us from the fires of hell.Lead all souls to Heaven,especially those who have most need of Your Mercy.
I am not the only one in need of Mercy.

And for those who may have need of the Litany I mentioned at the start, you can have this one after I have finished it.

Drink up.


Hmmmm. It might be a bit hard for Joy and Oprah et al to get that rolling off their tongues.


  1. "Forgiveness is hard. We are reluctant to forgive our enemies."

    Are those we've loved, who betray us, easier or harder than that to forgive?

    1. The most bitter enemies of all. Very hard.

  2. Your REACTIONS buttons are not working as usual. so take it that I clicked on "magic".

  3. I loved the prayer you had on this one:). Good post friend!



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