Saturday, March 24, 2018

The British Bulldog is Gravely Sick

That pugnacious mascot which Britain has for so long adopted as its symbol of character, is down for the count. It is getting old and has been showing signs for a while now that all is not well. It has the Flu. I fear it will not survive the year.

It very likely caught something from trying to mate with a rabies infected Rottweiler. 

Very little else could have resulted, frankly, from Britain trying to 'become one' with a Europe dominated by Germany, a foe from its inception. 

Under the Merkel woman with her insane invitation to an occupation army that has shown itself far more effective without Teutonic tailors, and her insistence that Britain lowers its drawbridge to allow hordes of uncivilised destroyers to land on its shores, the response of the 'Authorities' in Britain has been to suppress any discussion or displays of even mild concern.

While really quite mild young women from Canada and other parts have been arrested and prevented from landing in order to investigate the situation and perhaps talk to a few folk, quite evil people are free to roam the streets threatening mayhem. The police will not arrest mad muslims while there are mild-mannered girls they can bang up first, and that on the pretext that the girls might 'offend' the mad buggers and that in turn lead to violence.

You cannot make this stuff up.

Just speaking out... or even wanting to speak out, can get you arrested by those staunch guardians of the Law. That is if you speak against the daily atrocities that filter through to the public's mind, despite the best efforts of a media hell bent on preventing such information.

It can backfire, of course, as any ill-thought-through actions by coward cops and malevolent bureaucrats have a tendancy to.  An ordinary chap responding to extraordinary times, one Tommy Robinson (not his real name but redolent of 'Britishness') determined to speak his mind and that of one of the 'banned at the border' mild-mannered folk, at 'Speaker's Corner', a spot in Hyde Park in London where for longer than most can read back to has been where anyone can speak his mind about anything.

The Police stopped him. They made him leave that hallowed spot. 

There were too few other ordinary folk around to counter the outrageous suppression of free speech by the mob of policement, all 'obeying orders'
But Tommy outsmarted them. He announced on the net that he WOULD speak and at the time he appointed some 5000 staunch lads and lasses, farm boys and wenches turned up to hear him. Oh yes, there were some Religion of Peace folk too.

The police were outnumbered and so the free speech happened.

But there was also an event  during the time and crowd where a Religion of Peace person snatched a British Flag and used the pole to attack a policemen. !!

What happened then tells us all we need to know. The other policemen prevented the attacked and assulted one from arresting the violent attacker !! 

Heck, it might have offended the thug. Any reading of rights 'might' have been construed as 'Hate Speech' !!

Any objection which 'offends' this minority or that, especially that one, is considered 'Hate Speech', except when it offends British people who are getting heartily sick along with the Bulldog. 

And the cops will chase down hate speech well before they chase down knife-wielding folk of hue or even begin to look around for rape gangs from 'that' minority. 

It is not as though the sickness in the dog is limited though. Canada is infected too. The National Poodle, Justine Truedeform, takes a similar view to the British leadership (if one could call it that), putting the folk who adhere to the Religion of Peace ahead of lumberjacks at every turn.

And don't talk too loudly about Oz where dog turds are found in piles in the Prime Minister's office.

A black pidgeon (don't accuse us of racism here)  flew through a window and sat on the bar in the Tavern, with something to say. It is becoming quite dangerous for humans to speak up. 

The UK: RISE of the Anarcho-Tyranny STATE

The situation in Britain, a nation that gave us Magna Carta; a nation that took Law and civilisation around the world; a nation that stood alone against the Nazis when they occupied all of Europe and were preparing to invade Britain; that Britain that had Character.... should alert all other anglophile nations.

The virus is upon us all. It is a virus of the heart and mind. Our civil society, law, administration, discourse, respect for one another and tolerance of a wide range of viewpoints, has taken to its bed.

Ironically it is just 100 years ago, after a long, terrible war -against Germany, would you believe! -  that another virus swept across Britain, and Europe, and many parts of the world.

The Spanish Flu.

It killed far more than the war did.

We are now suffering through the Damascus Flu.

I foresee far more carnage.

Back in 2016 there was some talk of when the next civil war would occur and where. 

It edges nearer.

The British have always been pugnacious.

So, drink up.




  1. We have to believe that something will break for the better.

    Well, break anyway.

    1. Things do. The tipping point is behind us, I think. It is downward to the thump at the bottom. Whether Britain and the rest of western civilisation gets up, dusts itself off, douses its burning underpants in cold water and revives, we shall see. There will be breakages.

  2. The British bulldog committed suicide in 1914 when it foolishly jumped (with a lot of encouragement from Winston Churchill) into the most senseless war in history. The First World War destroyed Britain's economy. That doomed the Empire. Without the Empire Britain was too insignificant to maintain its sovereignty in the long term.

    And without the Empire Britain lost its pride and self-respect. It was forced (with a lot of encouragement from Winston Churchill) into the humiliating "special relationship" with the U.S.

    Without pride Britons lost the will to care about their traditions or their freedoms. They ceased to care about anything very much, except money.

    The men who built and maintained the Empire weren't focused on money. They had a vision. They had a sense of duty. A sense of mission. They had a belief in British civilisation, British justice, British traditions. All that vanished with the Empire. And there was nothing to replace it.

    1. Suicides take time. Britian has been quite ill for a while and you are right to point out a span and a start. I think, however, that start could go back a while.

      It is an old nation. Most nations, especially those with Empires, rise, plateau and decline, sometimes abruptly. But we are in the timescale of what was the most benign and successful empire Humanity has seen, and we are seeing the frail old dog expiring in its basket.

      Miracle cure anyone?

    2. It is an old nation. Most nations, especially those with Empires, rise, plateau and decline, sometimes abruptly.

      True. And the same applies to civilisations. It's a depressing thought but it may be that western civilisation is simply worn out. If cultures go through a cycle of first barbarism, then civilisation and finally decadence then we're now a long long way into the decadence part of the cycle.

      This must be what it felt like to be living in Constantinople in about 1451 AD. Or Rome in about 474 AD. Just waiting for the end.

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    1. Hire someone? By the Lord Harry, do you think I am made of money? I am far too poor to hire even a personal valet to run my bath!

      There are many themes on Blogger and they are free. Easy to adapt too.

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    1. Thank you and you are welcome into the Tavern to see all that goes on anytime. As for other websites they are far too many to list and often cover similar and very different topics, but some of my well visited (by me and other customers) can be found down the right hand wall. Tell them I sent you :)


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