Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We Remember Them

From the Morning Watch even unto the Night.....

A note from Mike Cunningham.
Speaking as an Englishman, I shy away from watching or attending ceremonies such as the Cenotaph, for the very simple reason that a violent attack of apoplexy rises up immediately I see the grotesque lines of Politicians, of all shades and even of none; because to me, that sight means that the whole idea is permeated with graft, grabs for power, the millions of lies and gross criminal behaviour dressed up as Party Politics.

They have the simple audacity to stand upright, in the presence of their Sovereign, and, without a single blush of shame or embarrassment, slide their wreaths to lie on that Symbol of gratitude to Service; those imbeciles who sent, in latter years, those same Forces personnel out to die, with out-dated and totally insecure equipment, badly-led and badly armed and under-equipped.

The roadside salutes in Royal Wootton Basset were the real thing, because they were both spontaneous, and free of the sickening smell of politics and politicians.

I would, if given the opportunity make some subtle changes to the annual Remembrance Service. I would ask Her Majesty, along with her Family to remain much as they do now, but once the Royal Wreaths have been laid, and the Family leaves the Cenotaph, the ONLY people allowed to march, to leave wreaths, or even to stand in salute, would be serving- and ex-members of Her Majesty’s Forces; along with representatives of those who also fought for freedom. 
No politicians, no so-called Commonwealth representatives, as they are all political appointees anyway: no-one else at all.

Just think of the atmosphere at that Ceremony; no cant, no lies or liars; what a difference that would make!
Mike put that as a comment to my friend James.




  1. Indeed you are right Amfortas. It is deeply irritating to watch the politicians falling all over themselves to be seen and acknowledged on these occasions when their sole purpose is to publicise themselves and ingratiate their commitment to retaining power at any price. Our politicians have absolutely lost sight of the purpose of politics and service to the people. The politicians openly loot the treasury in their misuse of entitlements, demean our military in the misuse of their talent and bravery while despoiling the true nobility of those courageous and committed men and women. The politicians do so without shame and without blinking while reducing the pay and minimising the conditions accorded to our military - those in true danger, while the politicians luxuriate and wallow in opulence. They lie, they steal, they are perfidious and ignoble, they believe all others exist to enhance their own existence and they spread disinterest, half-truths and apathy everywhere. Truth is twisted beyond recognition and the amazing and extra-ordinary, selfless service by truly outstanding, dedicated people is diminished greatly by the self-serving, self-promoting slop dished out with mock seriousness by these untrustworthy fools.
    Peter H.

    1. And the really saddening thing is, Peter, that those politicians were once the chap and chapesse next door. They, like you and I, thought they could do better. But they failed.

      They lacked Moral Courage; they lacked Integrity. Mosy still do.

  2. Yes, indeed - their fine intentions, their moral courage, their integrity are all corrupted far too quickly and far too completely. It reflects very badly on their commitment, their moral fibre and fortitude. They leave a great deal to be desired and I suspect that many of them enter politics not out of nobility, but with "naughty" intent. As we have discussed before - we can work feverishly to get rid of a politician, but all we get is another politician! The system is in need of investigation and while pollies are not accountable for their promises/actions we will get a lot more of very little.
    Peter H.

  3. Replies
    1. It gets overlooked, in all the adulations, that many who died were not good men. But Men nonetheless.

      Fr Teilhard De Chardin likened soldiers to white corpuscles, fighting a disease in Humanity. The battlefields are strewn with the good and the bad of both sides. Some were honourable. All are Honoured.


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