Friday, November 28, 2014

The Coming Fire-Works

No. Not riots or Armageddon. One cannot start planning for New Year too early. That is the rubrik of the firework-makers and the cities that employ them. 

The parties and mayhem we associate with New Year, in place of the 'first foot' rituals and the 'lang may yer lumb reek' wishes that such as I am used to, must be accompanied by huge displays these days. How else do we attract a million people to congregate in discomfort.

And spend several million dollars of the cash-strapped taxpayers' money.

Not that the Tavern does anything but superb comfort. And we have to plan too.

The TV gets to be full of cities around the world showing off their displays. The 'contours' of the various cities provide the variety, with Sydney and Melbourne starting the 24 hour ball rolling. Sydney of course has 'The Harbour Bridge'. Very hard to beat.

Mostly, one has to say, it is a riot of colour and noise, with often a hundred exposions happening at the same time and the sky awash with eye-stabbing light.  It all too often does not enable the viewers to appreciate to sheer beauty that can be created.  The inividual elements designed and displayed by the 'artist' gets lost.

And it is typically noisy enough without the ubiquitous and awful pop-songs wailing and thumping from our TVs while the light-show is on. 

Frankly the TV companies do a woeful job with what should be the most cost-free production (to them).

But what of the artists? The firework-makers. For that is what they are.  They have a sky for a canvas. They have a palette that extends by the year, offering sight, sound, colour and form and.... development infront of the eye to boot.

Here we have to mention Japan. They are The Best.

This year the Tavern has invited the very best firework makers to show us their wares so we can select and display the most magnificent.

So, you be the judge. We sat out on the Patio last evening and put these magicians of light and colour, form and shape, through their paces.

20 chaps and their teams were allowed just one shot each; A single 300mm shell. That's 12" in real measurements.

Stunning. Beatiful. Each one had its superb points. I may well invest a few dollars in No ....... ah.... nearly got myself there. 

YOU tell me which was 
the very best to you.

To be fair, most displays are not limited to single 12" shells, and we shall have a few different ones too.

So we have also looked at smaller and larger items too. 

Up to the World's largest at 48". 

We just might order one for 'afters'.

Get your plans ready. And book a table out on the Tavern's Patio.


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  1. They are each fine in their own way singularly but combined together in a display would be WOW!!

    As I will be half a world away I hope you are going to provide a video display of the New Year celebrations as seen from your Patio :-)


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