Friday, July 11, 2014

The Best Taxi-Driver Job in the World

Angie and a dozen or so mates dropped by for a few swifties. They were Taxi drivers.

With a difference.

There are few taxis of this sort in Tasmoania, down in the Hilary Village, although we could do with a lot more.

Angie's patch is not all that different to the pristine beaches here and we have a lot of lakes too. And the summer is as good as her place looks.

Maybe the laws and regulations where she usually is make a difference.

She didn't even have to wear shoes.

They have splendid seaplanes like this is Sri Lanka, just a bit to the north of the Maldives. Odd really that 'refugees' from there think things are better here.

No pleasing some people.



  1. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence ;-)

    Or to put it more bluntly... People chase rainbows that do not exist ;-)

    Angie seems to have a dream job :-)

    I hope you will excuse a little related digression from you post...

    Back in 2004 a massive tsunami struck the Sri Lankan coast causing devastation and loss of housing in the effected area. A local small business man took it on board to raise money to build houses so that the most needy could be re-homed.

    His initiative touched me greatly for the community spirit and looking after each other. I was also humbled by the small house build compared by what we have in the western world.

    Due to technology the world has become smaller giving access to grander and glitz. People think they need that grander and glitz. They do not!

    1. The same massive Tsunami hit Indonesia well before Sri Lanka. It was far closer. 250,000 people died. Australia gave $2 billion to help rebuild. Half of that was from public subscription. Well done that man for his efforts.

      Just this week we have had political ructions from all the usual suspects about a boatload of Sri Lankans coming here as refugees. They were stopped. While Oz only cares about money, according to those same usual suspects, the confiscated iPhones and even the Gold Credit card showed that these were not refugees but simply people wanting to jump the queue.

      The usual suspects raged about how the 'asylum seekers' were escaping persecution from the civil war, but most turned out to be from the winning side, not the losing lot. Most had paid up to ten times the airfare to travel in an overcrowded littoral fishing boat. I guess the 'grass is greener' message needs to be written in Singalese.


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