Monday, February 24, 2014

The Winter Olympics - what a slap in the Face.

Much time has been spent on watching the Olympics in Sochi these past few weeks. And what a great show it has been. Lots of ups and downs.

The 'big screens' were placed around the Patio out in the sunshine so that my customers could take their drinking pleasures while watching the snow and ice and folk cavorting for Gold.

The design of the snowboard/ski assault course was excellent even though the quality of the athletes left a lot to be desired.

That goes for much of the snowboard fraternity who appear to be 'yoof' with modest skill, especially on the 'half-pipe'. Many of the competitors, who are at 'the top' of their sport could barely finish upright. It says a lot for the lesser athletes who did not make selection.

Not that the enthusiasm of the commentators was reduced at the sight. Our own Bright hope had a winning smile but frankly not much else.

Torah Bright. Charming girl. A Christian Girl.
Not that we hear much of that.

It is better to go to the Games quietly confident of performing well enough for some kudos but the current mode is to be sent off to compete carrying the hysteria of Nations represented by the hyperbolic men and women of the media paid vastly more than the competitors to bullshit the viewers.

Mind you, let us be thankful that Torah is not a lesbian or we would have heard little else about her. Can you imagine the interviews !! As it is her deep Christian faith was downplayed despite her entourage trying to bring attention to it. Indeed, in others it was mocked.

At least the cross country skiers showed mettle and the ice dancers gave us their wonderful art. And what art it was too. The standards get tougher every time and the artistry coupled with skill never fails to win approval. Mine at least.

Lovely women, many with pretty dresses that swirled as they twirled, showing the ubiquitous nether regions we see so much of in skating. But, to be fair to the costume designers they are vastly more lovely than on the TV studio dancing shows.

And the chaps even manage to look 'manly' when ice dancing; something missing entirely on the other galas. Even when the 'Do you think you can dance' mob make deliberate use of stubble as male cosmetic.

The Ice Dancing shows men and women interacting as men and women are supposed to. Complementary. In Unison. The strength and 'lead' of the men and the grace, fluidity and charm of the women, married to immense skill in a slippery world.

They compete with others and not with themselves. They show an aspect of the perfection attained when the two distinct sexes combine and perform as one.

The run-up to Sochi featured Homosexuality, of course, more than any sport. The media seemed obsessed with it. Russian attitudes could not, of course, be ignored. But the cant and clear encouragement of 'diversity' and 'tolerance' of perversity seemed not to include 'mainstream' human behaviour.

Indeed it labelled 'Normal' as 'Alternative'.

God help us all.
NBC Depicts Married 23-Year-Old Olympian as Living an ‘Alternative Lifestyle’
Just read this and weep for our future. 

David Wise is at the top of his sport. He’s always smiling among his friends and competitors, however, he’s not like the rest of the field.  
He is mature. 
Not to say the rest of the freestyle skiers of halfpipe are not mature, but Wise is mature far beyond his years. At only twenty-three years old, he has a wife, Alexander, who was waiting patiently in the crowd, and together they have a two-year-old daughter waiting for them to return to their home in Reno, Nevada. 
At such a young age, Wise has the lifestyle of an adult. 
Well, at 23, he is an adult. He has been an adult for five years. He is old enough to have graduated from college, gotten married, started a family, become a world class skier — all kinds of adult things.  
Because he is an adult.  
He also sounds like a great guy. 
He wears a Baby Bjorn baby carrier around the house. He also attends church regularly and says he could see himself becoming a pastor a little later down the road. 
I’ll grant that in our day, when Christian business owners find their livelihoods threatened by Obamacare mandates and same-sex marriage proponents targeting them with lawsuits, being a Christian is a countercultural path. The culture and the media try their hand at tearing you apart, when they’re not mocking you. 
But if being a married, responsible father at 23 is an “alternative lifestyle” then we are well and truly doomed. 
Update: NBC has deep-sixed its own story.  I’m sure they’re thrilled that we captured a screenshot of the original story. 
Update: NBC aren’t the only ones who have gone after David Wise for being a married adult taking care of his family. Yahoo Sports says he is “wildy uncool.”

Need a stiff drink.?

It will keep out the cold, and a cold blast is upon us.



  1. yes, the "uncool' stuff was almost laughable...and did you notice all the ads for how great Olympic "moms" were? As if the fathers had NOTHING To do with their kids making it to the was just the women raising super human kids...wo the dad.

    In the States, now it's "cool' to be gay. We had a black football player and a black basketball player come and announce they were "gay" and Obama had to give them applause.

    The war on men continues in sports. Where else? (rim shot)

  2. We did not get ads showing how great mothers were. Not in Oz. What we did get was a small range of ads that included a very strange one for 'Street Swags' - a sort of camping bed-roll - for homeless people featuring a woman (90% of homeless in Oz are men) who seemed to sport a 'classic' lesbian demeanour. (Masculine hairstyle, no make-up, complaining of losing her home?) Apparently she was being given one. Street-swag, not a home. Presumably we were supposed to buy them to give to homeless women too.

    Just why anyone would buy a bed-roll to give to someone so that they could sleep in the street was left to imagination. I suppose it fits with a tale I have recounted before about a Church organisation not wanting a homeless people sleeping in a warm bed in the Tavern because someone in the bar smokes a pipe occasionally.

    1. Following on from your thought about the homeless...

      I have not looked at the statistics male-female ratio but I do look at the world around me. In all the places (in particular cities) that I have visited it is only men that I have seen homeless on the street.

      In the UK homeless people who are not perceived as priority or vulnerable or there is just no accommodation available can go to an organisation 'Shelter' and be issued with a tent.

      I wonder 'WHO' benefits from the selling of those 'Street Swags'. I suspect not the people who are really in need.

  3. The Ice Dancing shows men and women interacting as men and women are supposed to.



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