Saturday, January 26, 2019


I am a man with a Beard: nevertheless my neck needs shaving from time to time for which my Sword does extra duty. I shall not let a lady's blade do a job of a man's blade. I advise all chaps to think and act similarly. 

Put an appropriate hat and coat on and I could carry off the look of a ship's Master.  But that was not my calling.

Lady's blade?  Babbette, Lynnette, Jillette, Gillette. Girls' names. Gillette made its fortune after a salesman, seeking 'Salesman of the Year' and having captured his territory market of blokes, persuaded ladies too, to shave their armpits, and so vastly increased his sales.  But he did it by suggesting that 'other' women were 'ashamed' of body hair, (Boo, hiss), so they should be also. He won his title and the company dominated. The company was too smart by half back then: now they are just stupid.

The recent advert will be persuasive too. It has already persuaded men to throw their Gillette razors away and try others. And do you blame them? It grievously insulted men. Gillette has 'form' in the blame and shame business. It turned to a fetid feminist to develop their advert: one with a track record of demeaning and dismissing men. Now she will dispossess the company of a substantial proportion of its customers. 
Well done 'saleswoman of the year'.

Just why any sane person or company would insult its male customers is not hard to figure. Our society has turned against itself and those that provide for it and protect it. 

A decade ago, Gillette held 70 percent of the global market share for razors, and now it holds 54 percent. Those sales didn’t disappear; they went to those newer, savvier companies that don’t have 100 years of history making women feel bad about body hair.  

Now it is suggesting men should feel ashamed about being men. (Hiss, Boo..t)

The Marketing Dept. has simply jumped on the anti-male bandwagon, thoughlessly and stupidly. Self-emasculation seems to be part and parcel of the civilisational suicide we see around us. 

It does well to remind ourselves of the Good that men do and the Good Men all around us. Not perfect men; not all heroic; not all budding Saints. But good blokes in the main.  It is necessary to show it, not grossly over-emphasis the small proportion of bad men as that awful advert tried. It is especially important that the ladies who have heart, soul and Good nature give acknowledgement of Good men too.

As did the Lady of the Tavern yesterday.
Good women, see the good in masculine men.
I am by far no expert in masculinity.  I just know that I know it when I see it.  I see an attack on men all around me and that concerns me greatly.  
But I want to take some time to shine a light on a few of the good masculine men I have come across lately.  
I would like to celebrate men like these.  
I want to highlight that what masculine men offer the world is vital.  It is essential to our very survival, as a nation.
I can’t speak for all women, but I, for one, can see value in authentic masculinity.
The man in this photo came from a country that was not free.  He came to the United States as a small child and became an Army Green Beret.  
He sacrificed, he bled, he fought with his strength for the good of others, and he protects those he loves.  
We need more like him in this country and elsewhere.  I see good in this man.
“Ranger School Class 7-94 (Back when there was still a Desert Phase) 19 yrs old. Graduation day with my little sister @anessaarnold After losing close to 30 lbs... When there is no more fat and your body eats away at muscle.. When you have to wear winter BDUs because all the other ripstop BDUs have torn away... You start to realize that mindset is the strength that will carry you on.
The little boy, who did as boys do: became a Man.

 This understanding later allowed me to finish college (With Academic Honors) while taking on some of the hardest assignments in the military. No matter who you are or what you decide to do... Never stop... Never quit... And never let others decide your fate. #RLTW #ronintactics #life #godandcountry 🇺🇸 #journeyofathousandmiles” ( 
Stephen Labossiere

A man who goes into the wild, looks the part after a short while. Warriors don't use Gillette. 

A Man and his Beard
Men are born to be heroes, they are born to be warriors.  Each in their own way with the gifts God has given them.  And we need men like this.  
Stephen Willeford is no stranger to adversity.  He is a Texas man, a good man, and ran into a church when a madman decided to kill 26 innocent people and injure over 20 more over a year ago in Sutherland Springs, Texas. 
Another Man with a Beard.
He rushed into a church while getting shot at himself to help save and protect the innocent who came to worship that day.  
He is a good man.  
This is what masculinity looks like and it is a good thing.  
We, as a society.  Should cherish good men like this.  
I say this and highlight these men to show that you are needed, you are valued and you are wanted by those of us that still have our sanity.  There are many more.  You know who you are.  And may God bless strong masculine men.  May you continue to be all that God has called and designed you to be.
“The rifle has no moral stature, since it has no will of its own.  Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men than evil, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles.” Jeff Cooper.
I have little doubt that the feminist woman who made the advert does not approve of rifles, churches or bothering to look out of her window to see good men. She is 'fixed' in her lefty feminism. 

Some people just WILL not see beyond what they want to see.

The interview below has a fixed-minded woman who liked the advert and just would not see what men (and decent women) saw in it. The man being interviewed was quite clear and direct however. Let us not dwell on the interviewer chap who appears to stumble over his words - trying to be 'careful'? 

You be careful too.

Don't do as Jillette has done and cut your own throat.

Have a drink instead.

Raise a class to my favourite Lady.



  1. Excellent post, who's that handsome chap near the top of the page?

  2. Thanks for giving me some time in the bar today:).

    1. Don't know what I would do without you there.


  3. Masculinity is under attack from many fronts. This is just another example of shaming men for being men. The APA recently said, as you wrote, that traditional masculinity is a bad thing. I would argue that anything but traditional masculinity is harmful. Society need masculine men, boys need masculine men to lead and guide them, and women need masculine men too, as the Lady of the Tavern pointed out. Likewise men need a woman who is caring, compassionate, nurturing, and loving. This balance is essential to a properly functioning society.

    1. There are dark forces determined to drive a wedge 'twix't men and women. We have both sides all too easily demeaning the other instead of deliberately and warmly seeking the goodness in each other. But for a commercial company to act in such a blatently anti-customer manner as it has is a new low, betoking a loss of mind.

    2. There are dark forces determined to drive a wedge 'twix't men and women.

      It's very much in their interest. Divide and rule. That's what identity politics is all about. Creating a population that is demoralised and hopelessly divided.

      As long as we're divided amongst ourselves the elites don't have to worry that people might actually start noticing just how rich the elites are and just how much power they've accumulated in their own hands.

      There is a growingly popular conspiracy theory that feminism was entirely a plot by the corporate sector to get themselves a more docile more lowly paid and much less unionised workforce. And to undermine the family so that people would be happy to be nothing but docile consumers.

    3. Divide and rule, indeed. But as for the 'corporate sector' wanting to have workers 'lowly paid' goes against historical evidence. The better paid workers are, the more spending power they have and purchasing inclination.

      I would sooner point the finger at Government for feminism. Wider workforce base. More taxes. And of course feminism itself was 'approved' by government when populations lost so many men to war in the early 1900's. Governments needed voters and working women's taxes.

  4. The Marketing Dept. has simply jumped on the anti-male bandwagon, thoughtlessly and stupidly. Self-emasculation seems to be part and parcel of the civilisational suicide we see around us.

    The interesting question is whether it will actually hurt their sales. I'm inclined to think it won't. Millennial men are likely to rush out and buy Gillette razors to prove their virtue. Millennial women will probably force their boyfriends to buy Gillette razors.

    The problem you've got is not that men are being attacked. Men themselves have internalised all the feminist/LGBT propaganda. It's no longer necessary for feminists to emasculate men. They've trained men to emasculate themselves.

    It's difficult for men of our generation to understand just how completely Millennial men have bought into hatred of masculinity. And it's difficult for us to understand just how completely Millennial women have swallowed the feminist propaganda.

    You can always find a handful of Millennials who don't go along with all this. There are quite a few on the internet and they attract a lot of attention from the dissident right online. But the overwhelming majority of Millennials are True Believers in the entire SJW agenda.

    Remember these corporations are not surrendering to pressure to adopt the SJW agenda. The corporate sector is aggressively pushing that agenda. They believe it is in their interests. And how many large corporations have actually gone broke by pushing anti-male anti-heterosexual anti-white anti-Christian propaganda? None. There is no longer a Silent Majority or a Moral Majority on which to rely for a backlash. The Silent Majority is now very much the Silent Minority. The Moral Majority is no longer 75% of society. It's about 10%, possibly less.

    1. Much to acknowledge there. Yes. we are inreasingly a 'minority' but without any of the benefits that attach. Whether Jillette will suffer market decline (already under competetive pressure) as a result.... well, we can wait and see.

      Meanwhile Hold the Line. Stay with Me, as Maximus said. Grow a fine beard and don't add to Jillette's skinny-arse line.

    2. Yes. we are increasingly a 'minority' but without any of the benefits that attach.

      It's something that a lot of people on the right, and on the dissident right, just can't accept. They think that the Silent Majority that elected Reagan in 1980 (and Thatcher in '79) still exists.

      And our existence as a minority is not going to be permitted. The globalist elite and their SJW foot soldiers have decided that dissent cannot be tolerated. In particular they have decided that the continued existence of Christians (actual Christians who follow Christian teachings) and social conservatives cannot be tolerated.

      So we are going to be an increasingly persecuted minority. We will need to find strategies for dealing with this.

    3. As Christian we are used to being persecuted, even killed. Perhaps we are not personally experienced in such, but there are parts of the world where people are paying for their Faith with their lives. The question is, are we prepared? Willing?

      And perhaps we should revisit the phrase, "he is lives by the sword, dies by the sword'. It is not such a bad way to go, being as there are very few good ways of going.

    4. Sorry. Typo. He who lives.....

    5. Thank you for reading my post:). You always have a lot of good stuff to add dfordoom☺️

      -The southern girl

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    1. First, get rid of any Gillette shaving gear. 2. Grow a beard. 3. Go to the very bottom of this page and click on the Blogger link. Blogger is possibly the very easiest blog platform to use. Hence me being on it. It has instructions and there are heaps of help sites if you Google them.

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  7. I wonder if you have seen how Gillette have branded their Razors for Women?

    I can't remember the exact year but it has been more than 10 years...

    1. Yes, there is not a word about toxic femininity.


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