Monday, October 29, 2018

Keep Out.

Perhaps America needs some friendly Pacific Islands to 'store' refugees. The news - now that the Kavanaugh bizzo is over and the fake bombs bizzo is over - is of a 'caravan' (odd term when there are no camels in sight) of 'refugees walking through Mexico en route to the USA. It is a bit like the experience of Europe with thousands of odd-bods (mostly young men) walking past or through Italian and Greek villages going to Germany and Britain. Oz made a lucrative deal (listen up the Donald) with Nauru and stopped further traffic of such 'human Trafficker assisted' faux refugees to Oz. 

The political fall-out may last a while of course, but perhaps it is worth it. Instead of 'Sanctuary Cities', perhaps the US could have some Sanctuary Islands. Heck, they could even be purpose built, like the Chinese are doing.
Some of the refugee children still

on Nauru in May. About 50 remain.

You overseas customers may recall that the Socialist Government in Oz at the time (we call them 'Labour') invented the idea of 'detention centres' in far off and largely difficult to access places. 

Islands in the Pacific.  

The Conservative Government subsequently inherited them, which allows all the socialist ratbags  to criticise the conservatives for cruelty, especially against all the 'Cheeeeldren'.  All sorts of horror stories are faked-up for public consumption.

1200 people of all ages drowned during the mass illegal 'asylum'-seeking journey across the seas to Oz. Bringing children on such a journey, guided by human traffickers, is unconscionable

I have heard some in the bars refer to the baby Christ being taken by Joseph and Mary to seek asylum in Egypt long ago. Helping refugees is a 'christian thing to do, we hear. But they did not travel though many countries to seek the best 'benefits', and they went home as soon as possible.

You might also recall that our last Prime Minister, Malcontent Turdball, actually conned the outgoing US President Obama into a committment to take some of those on our detention islands. The Donald was mightily peeved.

We rarely get to hear factual stories, so it was a pleasant surprise to have Renee Viellaris turn up in the Tavern to give a few. 
Facts of the Nauru asylum-seeker debate
ABOUT 50 asylum-seekers on Nauru have turned down resettlement in the United States.
Why on earth would they do that?
The answer is simple.
They want to come to Australia and are encouraged by doctors, advocates and others to turn down anything except Australia.
But this report is not about emotion, but one of fact.
This is not about having a heart or being heartless, but one that dispels myths.
Australians are compassionate, and there is growing community and political momentum to get children off Nauru.
Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton wants all refugee children removed from Nauru and has been working towards that goal. 
But before a blowtorch is applied to the politics, here are the facts.
● Asylum-seekers on Nauru – and most of them have been found to be refugees – are not detained. They are considered Nauruan residents and can come and go as they please. They are not locked up after dark.
Asylum-seekers such as this father and son are free to roam on Nauru. They are not locked up. 
● Asylum-seeker residents on Nauru have a 20-year visa.
● The Coalition Government has spent a lot of money – tens of millions of dollars – to provide quality medical services. They do this because they do not want the asylum-seekers to come to Australia, because once they come here, they launch legal proceedings to stay .
● There are about 650 asylum-seekers on Nauru and 65 health workers – 
a ratio of about one to 10. 
In some parts of Queensland, including towns with thousands of people, residents have to travel for hours to see a doctor. 
The access to medical treatment is better on Nauru than in some parts of Australia.
● There are two mental health team leaders, 15 mental health nurses, three psychologists, two psychiatrists, three counsellors, one mental health manager, and two torture and trauma counsellors. There is one clinical child psychologist, one clinical team leader, one developmental occupational therapist, and one social worker.
● Intelligence agencies warn that if asylum-seekers get to Australia, people-smugglers will be encouraged to send more human cargo back into dangerous seas.
● There are about 50 children on Nauru. Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton wants them all removed from the island, and over the years has reduced their numbers. But, perversely, his success can undo the success of stopping the boats.
This is recent evidence to a Senate Estimates hearing from Home Affairs Secretary Michael Pezzullo.
Pezzullo is not some Coalition stooge. He worked for former Labor foreign minister Gareth Evans. He was also deputy chief of staff to then Labor opposition leader Kim Beazley.
He has worked as a public servant for Labor and Coalition governments, and he takes seriously the impartiality that is demanded of his high post. He does not play favourites but ensures he knows his brief.
It is uncomfortable for people to accept this – and some will refuse to accept it is happening – but here is Pezzullo’s recent evidence, noting it is an offence to mislead.
Asked about people on Nauru self-harming, he cited “people ingesting detergent, for instance, in order to cause a sufficient degree of internal symptoms”.
“There has also been the swallowing of taped blades and the like. We invest a lot of resources into ensuring we keep them as well as we can.
“Upon transference to Australia – and there’s something in the order of over 600 people here on temporary transfers – the law states quite clearly that when their period of treatment is concluded, they’re expected to return.  
So what about New Zealand? 
NZ offered to take some of the people off Nauru. 
Pezzullo has warned that sending asylum-seekers to New Zealand without amending the law to prevent them from coming to Australia is a “live risk”.
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has privately told the Australian Government 
she doesn’t want to take refugees who are single men.
I have not heard cries yet of "Sexism" or "Misandry".  It seems even Prime Ministers can make discriminatory statements about men. 

Would she get away with it if she said she didn't want single women?  There are far fewer single women amongst them, that's why. 
“So we try to make that clear to people. We don’t want to create a situation where people think medical transference to Australia is a pathway to residency, because that could incentivise these kinds of perverse behaviours.”
That means the Government does not want people purposely hurting themselves so they can come to Australia and then launch legal action to stay here.
Speak to any Defence Force member about what their lives were like before Operation Sovereign Borders and you’ll understand why so many grapple with life and the costs of their work.
They speak of the horrors of pulling dead kids from the ocean, and parts of their bodies too, including the arms and legs of babies and toddlers.
This is an emotional debate, but one side has been forgotten, and it is because of the success of Operation Sovereign Borders.

The aforementioned PM Turdball represented the electorate of Wentworth, before he left his post.  That is an upmarket suburb of Sydney. The people there have elected a Green-Socialist Independant in his place. They all support bringing the refugees to Oz.

I know exactly where they should be moved to.

Turdball was never a Conservative. He tried to get a slot with Labour but they would not have him.

But of course such people are always keen to virtue-signal. Come to doing something is another matter.

America will have the same problems. Their 'sanctuary' cities are run by such people who are keen to take in refugees just as long as they do not wander through the gated communities of the celebs and nonebs, like say, Katy Perry. 

But if, say, a wall is seen by the Donald as a better solution than an Island, good luck to him. India and Pakistan could give him some practical ideas. They have had one for decades.

Keeping them out in the first instance is the best idea. 

But I still think the Don should consider islands. 

Like Oz did.

Have a drink and a think.



  1. Should the government address their concerns and settle refugees in Wentworth and build wind farms around the shoreline of Sydney Harbour?

    An emphatic yes to both. An area like Wentworth should easily be able to absorb a few tens of thousands of refugees. And every waterfront property in the electorate should have a wind turbine built on it.

    Let the well-heeled elites choke on their own virtue-signalling.

    Every voter who votes for a pro-refugee MP should be compelled to personally provide housing for at least one refugee family.

    1. ""Every voter who votes for a pro-refugee MP should be compelled to personally provide housing for at least one refugee family.""

      More. They should feed and clothe the refugee family for at least two years: ensure that at the end of that time they have a job and can speak/write English. And that they are paying taxes. They should also take responsibility for any criminal or misdemeanor activity they commit.

  2. Oh I thought that was a notice to readers for a moment.

  3. long time no see sir, It is Joshua.

    as someone who has spent a fair amount of time working on the Texas/Mexico border, I think it is funny that (((certain individuals))) are funding this caravan as if there has not steady caravan streaming in every day since the 1965 immigration act.

    the only two differences with this one is they are walking on roads instead of trespassing peoples private property and they are being funded the usual suspects and promised money and care.

    all the cries from the left about a "humanitarian border crisis" are laughable as they have ignored it for decades.

    the real humanitarian crisis is the hardworking citizens who happen to live in border towns in the line of fire who have to deal with cartel violence, looting, littering , overcrowded hospitals and jails and disregard to private property.

    so now they are upset that president trump is sending 8000 troops to border.
    I am upset too, because I know that 8000 is not near enough.


    1. I am not looking forward to the clash that is about to occur. People will be hurt. But that is what happens when push comes to shove. The collateral damage to the innocent citizens in the vicinity has barely been mentioned over here in Oz.

      It is not as though the numbers in this 'caravan' exceed the usual flow. It is their very brazen presence: the 'in ya face', undismissable from mind presence. It Looms.

      Pity the troops.

    2. G'day Josh, m'son. Good to hear from you again. I trust you are well.


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