Monday, June 11, 2018

Insurrection and the Moral Rot of the Police.

Britain is sinking into darkness and it is only a matter of time before there is wholesale insurrection against the rotten 'authority' of the State. The totally 'out of order' behaviour of the Police and Judiciary over the Tommy Robinson case has unleashed a tide of dismay which has been building and is barely contained.  
Both the Police and the Judiciary, in the widest context, have lost the confidence of the public.

The customers in the Tavern have been vociferous, but I have refrained from opening the windows to let out their anger, instead calming their angst with cleansing Ales and doing a fair bit of time on my knees in the Crypt. But out on the streets of London, such containment has been absent. As it has been absent in Melbourne too, where protests have been made.

Thousands, tens of thousands, have taken to the streets in Britain's Capital. The Police have ran away - those that have not been surrounded and penned behind their own barricades, and those that are not off somewhere escorting hate-speech mobs of the 'religion of peace' and protecting them from 'hate-speech' coming back at them.
The moral authority of the once well-respected British Bobby has disappeared
squandered on harrassing ordinary people going about their lawful occasions, or on degenerate activity amongst degenerates in enclaves of the city.

The quality of police officer has deteriorated so far that barely a skerrick of propriety remains. There is no moral authority or even masculine dignity to be seen.  The feminised force is simply pathetic and most coppers seem to have been trained by the scriptwriters and directors of popular TV cop programs which almost to the bottom are shown with bossy, pursed-lipped women in command and them continually berating barely adequate and cowed boys. Those uniformed immature clods are bolstered in number by men and women who are barely British and having barely any grasp on basic British manners let alone knowledge of the Law.

The 'Command' structure seems far more concerned with 'defending' perverts and applauding sexual depravity in the streets, including from members of the police. They relentlessly pursue the trivial and ignore real crime.

The public is sick of it and have had enough.

In Britain, there have traditionally been two sections of society who dislike the police. One type are radicals – or pseudo-radicals, as epitomised by the capitalist-run store Lush and Rik from The Young Ones – who object to the forces of law’n’order on anarcho-libertarian grounds. The police for them are ‘pigs’. 
The other type are the working class, or sections of it, who object to the police on account of them poking their nose into private matters that don’t concern them. The police for them have historically been ‘the filth’.
Yet the police are now widely disliked beyond those two demographics. 
These days, even conservatives and the respectable middle class don’t like the rozzers
A story beyond the hoo-ha over Lush and its anti-police ads might help to explain why.

This year there has been a litany of reports about rape cases collapsing owing to police failing to investigate evidence that would have exonerated the defendants.
And this week it was revealed that 47 rape and sexual-assault cases in England and Wales were halted between January and mid-February because evidence was withheld from defence lawyers.

This is not entirely the police’s fault.
Hmmmm. I beg to differ. If one saw even a token resistance from the 'commanders' or from the plods on the street, there may be some sympathy due. But we do not see that. Quite the contrary. The entire Force is degenerate. The rot set in with the Home Secretary of a few years ago who is now the Prime Minister.
They have been under political pressure from lobby groups obsessed with attaining rape conviction quotas – as if justice was about achieving statistical targets, rather than punishing guilty individuals and letting innocent individuals go free.
Here, in London, a member of the public shows complete contempt for a police woman, who fails to even defend her own dignity let alone that of the Force.  This is anything but 'fake'. It is disgusting. And the police are disgraced.
As the Daily Telegraph, a newspaper that should be a natural friend of the police, put it:
‘It is hard not to conclude that under pressure to increase conviction rates, the police and prosecutors simply withheld evidence that would help the defence, in order to make a successful prosecution more likely.’

The police have been alienating their erstwhile natural friends for some time.
This first became evident at the end of the last century, with the jailing of the Norfolk farmer Tony Martin for shooting dead a burglar who had broken into his home. The consequent outrage in the conservative press stemmed from a belief that the police were now more concerned with the human rights of criminals than with crimes against private property, in this case.
In ensuing years, the police have continued to antagonise a large swathe of the British public, who are increasingly convinced the Old Bill no longer take seriously burglary and theft. 
According to Home Office figures from last year, nine out of 10 burglary cases are closed without even a suspect being identified.
Today, the police don’t even attend reports of shoplifting if the value stolen is less than £200. 
No wonder this nation of shopkeepers no longer respects its police.

We are forever told that the police are starved of funds, and it could be true that cuts have exacerbated problems, not least in London, where the murder rate has risen for the third year running. Meanwhile, nationwide, shoplifting and violent crime continues to rise as criminals feel less afraid to break the law.
Cries by the police that they are financially stretched arouse little sympathy when we read about police forces dressing themselves and their vehicles in LGBT-friendly colours, scouring Twitter for offensive words, or filling libraries with leaflets about ‘hate crimes’.

Post-Macpherson, the police seem more desperate to prove their PC, anti-racist credentials than to address crimes that affect us all. 
The failure of the forces of law and order to prevent, investigate or suitably punish the rape gangs in the north of England has entrenched a suspicion that the police have become either enfeebled or politicised.

As the old refrain goes: shouldn’t they be out there catching real criminals?
Most of the media kow-towed to the 'ban' on reporting anything to do with Tommy Robinson's issue, but that simply incensed the free-media, the internet.  When the press finally got around to finding their duty and their courage, the public had lost confidence in them too. 

Whet had since passed for reporting has taken a distinctly critial and derogatory tone, rather than making any attempt to understand the mood of the nation.
Five police officers injured and five arrests as ‘free Tommy Robinson’ protesters clash with cops at London march
Thousands of far right demonstrators gather in the shadow of the Cenotaph war memorial calling for release of EDL founder
Bottles, metal barriers and traffic cones were thrown at cops as thousands gathered in Whitehall in support of the EDL founder — sentenced in May to 13 months for contempt of court.
Bottles, metal barriers and traffic cones were thrown at cops as thousands gathered in Whitehall in support of the EDL founder — sentenced in May to 13 months for contempt of court.
Five officers were injured and police made five arrests — including one for possession of an offensive weapon during the rally on Saturday.
Speeches from firebrand rightwing activists including Dutch politician Geert Wilders, 54, took place in the shadow of the Cenotaph war memorial.
In footage filmed exclusively by The Sun, cops can be seen retreating as a wave of violent yobs throw cones and other objects.
Another video shows dozens of thugs scrapping with riot police to chants of "who are ya, who are ya" as the violence erupted this afternoon.
Wilders, who leads the far-right PVV party in Holland, was pictured being escorted away by cops as police tried to contain the crowd.
The politician, who was temporarily banned from Britain in 2009, called for Robinson to be freed during a speech watched by thousands.
He said: "I am here to tell you that you will never walk alone. And we are here to tell the world, and the UK government in particular: 'Free Tommy Robinson.'"
He added: "Tommy Robinson is a freedom fighter. He says what no-one dares to say. He has guts. He has courage."
Rows of riot police blocked the gate down the Mall leading to Buckingham Palace where the Royal Family gathered on the balcony after celebrating Trooping the Colour just hours before.
Supporters elsewhere gathered in other British cities including Leeds and Belfast — while some demos were staged outside British embassies in Europe.
Police held back protesters from the gates of Downing Street as banners reading Free Tommy were waved.
One flag read "police state" followed by an Islamic crescent moon.
Other protesters scaled the steps of Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square where they chanted slogans.
Hundreds of flag-waving demonstrators overran an open-top tourist bus — with one climbing onto the roof wearing a Donald Trump mask.
A spokeswoman for said: "Our London sightseeing bus was on its normal route when it got caught up in the demonstrations.
"The bus was stormed by demonstrators and the driver and a small number of customers got off.
"The demonstrators have caused a significant amount of damage to the bus which meant it had to be towed away."
A Met Police spokesperson said: "The protest held in Whitehall concluded at 17:00hrs today.
"During the protest there were scenes of violence which saw bottles, metal barriers and other objects thrown at officers. Five officers have reported injuries, which are not serious."
They added that the Met will scour through CCTV footage for further investigation.
It comes just a day after a similar rally Newcastle was called off.
The event, organised by the Northeast Frontline Patriots group, was scrapped as police feared being overstretched as an Ed Sheeran concert took place nearby.
Robinson, 35, was arrested last month after broadcasting details of a trial taking place in Leeds Crown Court — despite a court order banning it.
A reporting restriction had initially prevented the media from reporting his conviction but was later lifted.
Judge Geoffrey Marson QC told Robinson, real name Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon: "Everyone understands the right to freedom of speech but there are responsibilities and obligations."
And there are obligations on the part of the Judiciary to ensure that Justice is done and SEEN to be done. 
He was given ten months in jail for contempt of court, and an additional three months for beaching a previous suspended sentence.
Hundreds of protesters later assembled at the point where he was arrested calling for his release.
Around 500 demonstrators chanted "let Tommy out" at police outside Leeds Crown Court on June 1 .
The march saw supporters of the ex-EDL leader brand police officers a "disgrace" as they chanted: 
"You ought to be ashamed of yourselves."
It was organised by the group Proud British, which claims on Facebook that its purpose is to "voice freedom of speech" and "stop the strain on the NHS, schools and our public services".
Britain is spent. Its demographic has been spoiled with the worst elements from many other countries.  The noble nature of the Englishman has been nobbled.

The crowds who are currently rising up are not all the 'educated', not all those well steeped in the history and heritage of the British. Many are the rough, the crude and the dangerous. And explosive.

This old Englishman now Ozman, weeps. I am glad I do not live there, but rather in the quiet of Tasmania, half the world away.

But I know that the curse is spreading and will reach here eventually.

It will not end well.

Pray for Mary's Dowry.


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