Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Ruination of Women

There are so many fine, good women in the world, and like the many fine and good men, they generally stay quietly living their lives and raising the families instead of knitting beside the Guillotine. That is where in the past we found “les tricoteuses de laGuillotine” and Madam Defarge. She didn't go away. The evil woman has never gone away. There are some women, many women who love death. The more gruesome the better.

Yes, I know. We could mention all the evil men who seem always to be in the way too, but today we heard a voice from the deep giving thought to the womenfolk of old and new who are taken by evil. 

Possessed, one might say.

Women possess emotions. It is the conventional wisdom that women are more emotional than men. I doubt that, m'self, but there we go. Women possess the wide range palette of emotions and display them readily.

But the wicked women have a 'Limited Range'. 

And I heard about it while down in the crypt. 

I occasionally let someone look through the door, but generally it is a place where I go to Worship. To Pray. Alone. But this time I had invited a chap to sit and talk down there instead of in the bar. His words spoke of important matters. Spiritual as well as down to earth. 

Michael Matt sat in the quietness and dark and took a hard look at the George Soros-backed Women's March in D.C., New York, London, Rome and all around the world-- and asks the question: What are they really protesting and what does it mean for our countries and for all of us? 

And what's with the little reddish hats? Do these not harken back to "les bonnet rouges"--the red "liberty hats" worn by the terrorists who beheaded Catholic France back in 1789? What's the connection? 

Why do these women hate us? 

Why do they hate pro-lifers? 

What does their rabid defence of partial-birth abortion reveal about the end of our civilization? 

Men can be wicked. Women can be wicked. 

Both are of great interest to satan. He wants all human beings. He tries to get all. He wants those too who try to be good. 

He fears man and he fears woman.

He has a Limited Range of emotions.

His are limited to Fear, Anger, Hatred and.... Spite.

He fears and hates man because Christ chose to become man. 

He fears and hates woman because Mary, Mother of Christ, will crush his head. It is she who will command the army that wipes him and his evil from the world. 

It is in his interest to destroy women, womanhood, their ability to bring life into the world. 

He hates the Compassion and Love of women: he hates their Nurturing; their Empathy. These he will take every opportunity to destroy. 

It is at the root of Feminism. Its 'cause'.

The very Good woman is especially hated.

And feared.

Almost the last evil of that time and the one horror that ended the French Revolution was the judicial mob-murder of the Carmelite Nuns. 

They were as innocent of sin as the babies in the womb that our modern evil women hate and fear. And kill.

Those women, those Nuns, did not fear: they were not angry; they did not hate. They had no spite.

I had much to pray about.

You can find more about and by Michael at

And then I had Ale to pull and pour.

And to listen to others. So up the steps I had to go, into the light.

No guillotine in the Tavern.

Drink up.



  1. My spouse and I stumbled over here from a differet website and thought I might check things out.
    I like what I see so i am just following you. Look forward to
    exploring your web page for a second time.

  2. What are they really protesting

    They don't realise it but what those women are angry about is the utter failure of feminism. They thought feminism would make them happy but it's made them lonely and miserable. They thought feminism would make them sexually fulfilled but they've discovered that being sluts isn't so great after all. They thought feminism would make them equal but then they encountered reality and found they couldn't actually compete with men in male spheres of action.

    Feminism has made their lives miserable but it can't be their fault (women cannot ever be at fault) so it must be someone else's fault. It must be Donald Trump's fault!

    Mostly they're protesting because reality doesn't conform with feminist theory. Therefore reality must be changed.

    1. The Limited Emotional Range is brought in from the void. That void in the psyche is brought about by committing an action which is so heinous as to constitute a crime against being human. Abortion fits that. Those woman hate, fear, get angry and are spiteful because they have no other options. They are closed not curious. They are adamant, not questioning. Joy is no longer achievable.


  3. It's not as if they had it all together even when society was supportive - but now is a hell on earth.

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  5. "Women possess emotions. It is the conventional wisdom that women are more emotional than men. I doubt that, m'self, but there we go."

    I think that men and women are equally emotional, however their emotions are expressed (at least in public) in different ways.

    1. Yes. I agree. And men have a propensity to hide what they feel too lest the women think less of them.

    2. "Men have a propensity to hide what they feel too lest the women think less of them."

      That is true... but any woman worth knowing would not feel less of a man for showing his emotions. Those emotions would draw out the nurturing aspect of a woman.

      Perhaps I only speak for myself, but I don't think so :-)

    3. A good and loving woman will be that nurturer respondant, sensitive to her man's needs. But almost every man will have experienced the sharp knife of his past vulnerability being shoved into him during a disagreement. Hense his reticence.

    4. Good women also experience the sharp knife of the man who she thought would protect her (and she would protect him). Yes piercing of the sharp knife!

      Speaking as one who has been on the sharp end of the knife...

    5. And... good women also receive the sharp end of the knife. Hence a good woman's vulnerability leads her to remain silent and doubt herself.

    6. Both sexes are sometimes quite unreliable. Thankfully we try hard to be mostly cooperative with our spouses, not vituperative. But as in all things we often fail.

    7. @cherrypie, I agree. Women too can be at the receiving end of the knife. I think some can often forget that. The roles with men and women are out of balance. Men are built to protect, women are built to nurture. The more we try to biologically deny these realities the more miserable I see men and women becoming. But none are immune to the leftist propaganda. Christ says to love anyway. So women who try......"TRY" being the key word here. Some of us do the best we can to be supportive of those the are genuinely suffering.

      As far as women being more emotional than men? I cannot say. But we show them differently that is for sure. Men seem to feel better about their problems when it is spoken of and action is applied to resolve it. It doesn't seem to better men to talk about emotional things ad nausium like it does women. I could be wrong about some men so I don't know:(

      Good article:). TSG

  6. It is the conventional wisdom that women are more emotional than men.

    It's not that men are less emotional, but men do have a greater capacity for putting their emotions to one side when decisions need to be made.

    Women are ruled by their emotions to a much greater extent. They're supposed to be. It's one of the things that makes them good mothers. It also happens to make them lousy political leaders and CEOs.

    1. There is a cost to putting the emotions to one side, while it's necessity is acknowledged. A weeping fireman of rescue helicopter pilot is not a lot of use. But the carrying of that unexpressed pain is hard.

      One could argue (reasonably) that it is an excercise in strengthening. Men's emotions can go very deep, despite not being easily seen at the surface.

    2. Dfordoom, I have considered your comment about women being ruled by their emotions more than men.

      I think both women and men can be ruled by their emotions, although men and womens predominant emotions differ (biological/societal?).

      Both men and women can put their emotions to one side when it is necessary. Putting emotions to one side in the cause of duty is strengthening as Amfortas mentions, but it also comes at a cost.


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