Friday, March 4, 2016

Subverting Virtue

Some Taverners take note of what is written on the signs around the walls.  Many in Hilary's Village do not.  So let me remind you of one.

“ For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, 
but against Principalities, against Powers, 
against the Rulers of the Darkness of this world, 
against Spiritual Wickedness in high places. “

Those Powers and Principalities are having a field day, subverting the quite clearly virtuous aspects that most (I say that in hope) generally recognise. For subversion is a favoured tool, turning otherwise good people into tools of destruction.

Take the current fad of 'Tolerance', for example. Now, being tolerant and not blowing your stack all the time at every little difference that others might present, is a good course. We have to accept the things that we cannot change and work diligently and carefully to change the things we can.  And we can change most things in this world, especially ourselves. But simply accepting many awful and bad things that people do is not 'virtue' but acquiescence and often facilitation. 

We have to 'tolerate' wickedness. We are ordered by the Powers that be and the laws passed against our wishes or needs to accept things that are inimicable to a heathly society.  We have to kow-tow to mantras instead of thinking about matters and making sound judgements.

Indeed, we are told that 'Judging' is wrong ! 

We must not 'discriminate'

By these denials of human facility we allow all manner of bad things to happen.

My friend James brought a chap into the bar today. A Professor of some sort. Bruce G Charlton.

Bruce took us on a short look through the windows of empathy. You will have heard of empathy if you are a woman, of course, as feminists make the claim that it is soley a female virtue, along with nurturing. Chaps, they say, do not have these. We are supposedly only able to watch in wonder as woman deploy them. 

Feminism is one of those major tools of the PTB, subverting our most fundamental differences - Male and Female.

So, Bruce was saying.......
Induced loneliness and the snaring of Good by empathy
It is dismaying to see so many basically decent people who are drawn into the net of evil and corruption woven by the demon-possessed ruling elites such that they cannot discern evil even when it is standing in front of them and haranguing them with anti-moral tirades based on an increasingly obvious loathing for the people they are supposed to be representing and leading.
The process of corruption is long and incremental - and often begins with loneliness. 
Modern life creates loneliness, disaffection, alienation; and the way out from this state (so nearly intolerable for social beings such as ourselves) is to join in with the fake empathy demands of the mass media; 
join in with the (more-or-less) sexualized, intoxication-focused and mutually exploitative events that go by the name of 'social life'; just, basically, 
Join In.
I presume that this is why the elites are so keen that as many as possible vulnerable and impressionable 18 year olds should be torn away from their friends and families and planted somewhere (anywhere!) else among people who they do not know and who care nothing for them, in spiritually barren colleges where their only escape is into meaningless mass media, superficial social interaction, sexual adventures, intoxication events, and self-righteous moral grandstanding --- the only alternative being to sit in your room, a cafe, a library for hours... alone and silent. 
Odd, isn't it how University students take such a long time to study at what I would call a 'basic' level'. Three years or four of at the most 15 hours a week for at the most 30 weeks of the year. That, to me, is not work at all.  They could do that and have a full-time job. I did m'self.

The uneducated mobs of students in Universities, egged on by socialist, jew-hating, christian-hating, reason-hating professors huddle in their 'safe spaces' coming out only to prevent others with different opinions and view from speaking. 

So much for tolerance and diversity and inclusiveness.
Here and now, pretty much all high volume, widely-available social interactions are thoroughly permenated by mass media attitudes, which are secular and leftist attitudes; any group of 'friends' casually interacting, or interacting on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or whatever (and - so far as I can see - everyone is doing this all of the time, unless physically prevented) will be participating in a festival of shallow secular evil - will be thought-policing each other for crimespeak, will be demanding and eliciting 'appropriate' attitudes and responses to an agenda supplied and hourly updated by the mass media.
The only way out from this is solitude and silence, and the only way that solitude and silence are tolerable (let alone rewarding) is in a loving and nurturing context - which is, pretty much, restricted to the family context (i.e. embedded in the context of sociality and responsibilities which is - or should be - family life).
Mind you, solitude and silence are the stock in trade of hermits. Quiet contemplation, reading, considering, observing, yea even praying, are good for the soul. 
Of course families are themselves infected by the same anti-spiritual culture, including the culture of busyness - of over-planning, of always doing something (or feeling guilty about not doing something) - but at any rate, the family makes this basic life stance possible in a way that the public world simply disallows - there is the possibility of genuine human contact: soul to soul.
Family, again of course, is an anathema to the feminists whose faux-philosophy derides motherhood  and punishes fatherhood. Children are an imposition and a obstacle to 'fulfillment' as a drone working for some Government Department and paying taxes.
In the public world you can have solitude and silence, but at the cost of paralysing despair --- Or you can 'join-in' with the agenda of always inane and ever-more-frequently evil chit chat, opinionating, endorsing, mocking, cheering and ritually-condemning that is 'modern life'.   
Nobody is going to solve this for us, because everybody is the problem. 
'Society' won't reform because they don't want to 'reform'; they don't perceive anything wrong that coudn't be fixed by more-of-the-same; and anyway they personally are not the worst, so 'don't judge/ blame me'? 
Once you have made the diagnosis, only you can implement (or work towards) a solution.
Being reasonable, friendly, agreeable, empathic... these are enemies of Life in this world. 
Sad but true. If you don't like it for yourself, get on with changing it for yourself - as best you can. 
That parlysing despair can only be overcome by Grace.

I make no bones about that.The dark forces that beset us are not simply 'out there' but within the hearts and minds of us all, and we must be vigilant with ourselves, lest we piss on our own carpets.

So drink up and read on.

That mass media encourages suicide. 
Not only individually but societally. 

Men are suiciding at an alarming rate. Divorce under the modern feminist-decreed laws has ruined families and sent men to a long, living hell of false accusation and punitive court appearances. And that is just to see their own children for a day a fortnight. 
Hiding behind this little girl motif lurks a much darker person, seeking your empathy.
The very man and woman-ness of people is being subverted.  The media is pushing and shoving 'Transgender' down our throats and woe betide anyone raising a cautionary word. 

They are denounced - no 'tolerance of their view allowed - as Transphobic, Homophobic, and worst of all it seems 'Heteronormative'.  The mind boggles.

And we are encouraged to be 'inclusive' of such 'diversities' as stoning woman to death, beheading anyone who 'insults' that paedophile warmonger Mohammed and marrying off small pre-pubescent girls who have had their vaginas mutilated to old men who duly rape them. 

Our children, whom U.S Presidential candidate Hilary (of the Village fame) Clinton claims only a village can be entrusted with rather than parents, are being subverted under our noses but out of our sight in the schools we are obliged to pay for.

Australia is once again leading the way. Two MPs wandered by. Michael Sukkar and Tim Smith. They must have spun the bouncer a good yarn but we heard them out.

Parents’ values and rights ignored
THE balance is shifting against mainstream values in Victorian state schools under the Andrews Labor government.
Nothing is more critical for parents than sharing their values with their children; instructing them in right and wrong, and acting as role models.

Among the most sensitive of these values for children concerns sex and sexuality.
Yet some of our schools include in their curriculum the Safe Schools Coalition program, a program that usurps the parental role.
It is a program that seeks to indoctrinate children as young as 11 in an understanding of sex and sexuality.
It is a program that has attracted legitimate criticism across mainstream Australia.
In the guise of an anti-bullying course, the so-called Safe Schools teaching materials present children with confronting and manipulative information. That information is often at odds with the values those children are taught at home.
No-one approves of bullying and barely anyone has been through schooling without some sort of bullying. Kids do that. Ill-mannered kids. Nasty kids. Most kids, that is. So 'anti-bullying' is a convenient 'back door' for subversives to gain entry to the schoolrooms.

For example, the materials link to a website that says that “genitals and bodies in general don’t reflect anything about a person’s … gender”.
One video shown as part of the program bizarrely includes the following phrase: “They may take our penises, they may take our vaginas, but they will never take our freedom!”
Shades of that mad bastard from Scotland, played by the sad bastard from New Zealand, Mel Gibson. Well, everyone has an off day. 

Indeed, conventional arrangements in schools, such as recording each student as a boy or a girl, or having a boys’ toilet and a girls’ toilet, are [now] labelled as “restrictive policies” by the Safe Schools Coalition.
Alarmingly, a Safe Schools brochure threatens schools that to “maintain restrictive policies around uniform, personal records and access to bathroom facilities could be breaking the law”.
The teaching materials are also developed in conjunction with an organisation called Minus18.
This group’s website offers advice to children on such matters as chest binding and penis tucking.
It also advocates the use of “puberty blockers”, drugs that require medical prescription and, for obvious reasons, are only effective for young children.
This whole program is of course otherwise called 'grooming' and allows paedophiles to run amuck with our subverted children. 

Under the Andrews Labor government, the Safe Schools program will be compulsorily rolled out to all Victorian state schools by 2018.
Parental consent will not be sought by the state government before this curriculum is taught in their children’s school.

In fact, parents will not be advised of any detail of the contents of the Safe Schools program despite its fiercest proponent, Premier Andrews, telling parliament “it does push the boundaries sometimes”.
The Coalition, both federal and state, is in favour of any government-funded program in schools that combats the scourge of bullying. Children need to be taught that bullying is wrong, for any reason.
However, we fear that the Safe Schools Coalition goes far beyond an anti-bullying document and has unfortunately morphed into radical gender theory curriculum and sexual identity politics.
These are issues that one might expect to be exposed to on a university campus — not taught to 11-year-olds.
This is, perhaps, not surprising given that one of the Safe Schools Coalition co-founders, Roz Ward, has conceded the program is part of a broader strategy to radically change our society.
In fact, Ms Ward told the Melbourne 2015 Marxism Conference that capitalists have imposed “cultural and moral norms around sex, marriage and the natural family that inhibit sexual freedom”, and that the Safe Schools program was a way of tackling these “norms”.
It is frightening that somebody with these warped views and belief in lurid conspiracy theories is provided with taxpayer-funded support to indoctrinate the nation’s children.
Accordingly, we support the Turnbull government’s review of the Safe Schools program and curriculum — if for no other reason — because the program is way out of step with the mainstream values of Victorians.
As Cella White, a concerned mother of four, told the Herald Sun in February: “It was announced in science class that boys could wear school dresses next year.”
She later went on to say in a radio interview, “I think it’s far too graphic” a teaching program for her young teenage son.
Ultimately, we believe that the state should not usurp the role of parents and make value judgements about what children are to be compulsorily taught.
Particularly on these highly sensitive subjects, without their parents’ consent and knowledge.
Sadly, in parliament last week, Bill Shorten and Daniel Andrews derided anyone as a homophobe or bigot for simply questioning the age-appropriateness and other aspects of the Safe Schools program.
In this respect we concur with the words of former prime minister John Howard, who said: “To say that anybody who is alarmed about this ‘Safe Schools’ booklet is a homophobe …(is) so out of touch.”
It is wicked. Say it. 

We are determined to be the voice for mainstream values and to defend the rights of ordinary parents to guide the values of their children on these highly sensitive matters.
I pulled them a pint.

Not only are parents not told anything but even unethical 'researchers' have gone behind their backs to seek children's views to the usual biased questions.

Rebecca Urban and Greg Brown were shouted a drink too.
Parents in dark over uni sex survey linked to Safe Schools
Vulnerable teenagers as young as 14, including some who had suicidal thoughts, were secretly interviewed without parental knowledge about their gender and sexuality by a university research team with links to the Safe Schools program.
The Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, run out of La Trobe University, went to significant lengths to ensure its interviews with underage participants took place without parental consent when researching its report, From Blues to Rainbows.
The move has been savaged by education expert Kevin Donnelly and sparked questions from leading bioethicists about recruiting young people for research via social media.
More 'grooming'. Such people should be arrested. 
Several gay, lesbian and transgender organisations promoted the project by sharing links to surveys on their Facebook and Tumblr pages. 

It was also promoted via other media, including gay magazines LOTL and the Star Observer, as well as ABC’s Triple J radio station.
Interviews via an online instant messenger platform were often held during the evening so some participants would not be interrupted by parents who did not know about their child’s “gender identity”.
“It was imperative that people under the age of 18 were able to participate in this research,” the report concedes.
“In order to protect the young people from being outed to their family, the young people did not need to gain parental or guardian consent to participate in the research.”
It was to 'protect' the young people, eh? How many paedophiles have used that as an excuse to keep secters from children's parents? 
The report, released in 2014, presents a picture of a highly vulnerable cohort, with half the 189 participants aged 14 to 25 identifying as transgender and 11 per cent as “gender questioning”.
But of course. Not that anyone can see the questions or how the answers were collated. It is a technique started and successfully applied elsewhere by Professor Mary Koss who came up with the statistic that One in Four Women are Raped.  Most of the respondents to her questionnaire didn't even think they had been.

I have a strong suspicion that the 'half identifying as transgender' had no idea they would be counted as such either.
Almost two-thirds had reported being subject to abuse or harassment due to their gender non-conformity, more than half had been diagnosed with depression and 38 per cent had experienced thoughts about suicide.
And we are supposed to take this nonsense as true !!  
While the project was approved by La Trobe University’s ethics committee, the methodology appears to go against the National Health and Medical -Research Council’s guidelines pertaining to the ethical conduct of research involving minors, which recommends that parental consent be obtained when dealing with “children and young people”.
Dr Donnelly, who opposes the Safe Schools program, raised concerns about minors being interviewed about contentious issues without parental involvement. He said the research participants were clearly vulnerable. A worst-case scenario would be that a participant could emerge as a risk of self-harm, yet their parents or guardians would remain oblivious.
“I would have thought it was unethical; as we know the guidelines are pretty strict for academic research,” he said.
“Parents still have primary responsibility for raising their children; as a parent I’d be quite shocked (if my child was interviewed without my knowledge).’’
The report, which was released with much fanfare, appears designed to push a case for further rollout of the Safe Schools program — an anti-bullying program that has been criticised by conservative groups for politicising sex education and advocating a LGBTI lifestyle.
Its approach to sex education, in which teachers are counselled that it’s “heterosexist” to refer to students as “girls and boys” and children are instructed to role-play gay teenagers, has outraged religious groups and conservative politicians.

The Safe Schools Coalition was co-developed by Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria, 
which is situated within the research centre but funded by the state government. It is run in Victoria by Roz Ward, a La Trobe University academic and hard-left advocate for LGBTI issues. 
Ward is one of six authors behind the From Blues to Rainbows report, which noted that participants who did not feel supported by their teachers were more than four times more likely to leave school if they experienced discrimination than those with teacher support.
The ABC would not comment on its involvement in seeking survey respondents.
La Trobe University vice-chancellor John Dewar said the research centre had his full support. “It is a centre of excellence in research and has forged an international reputation for the quality and impact of its work over the last 23 years.” he said through a spokesman. “The project was subject to rigorous scrutiny by the university’s ethics committee prior to being approved and was undertaken to the highest academic standards. As an additional layer of oversight, the project was also reviewed and monitored by a community advisory group, which included young people and support services.”
The University of New England, which also took part in the research, distanced itself from the project yesterday. A spokesman said the report was a product of the research project led by La Trobe University.
“La Trobe was the recipient of the research grant and it contracted a UNE researcher to work for La Trobe on the project,” the spokesman said.
The whole business stinks.

But hey, we have to be 'Tolerant' and 'Inclusive', or else.

God help us all.



  1. I am so concerned about this program. It is an absolute Disgrace. The people who support this are so vicious and incredibly intimidating.

    Howard is right, that the bullies on the left, are causing fear and stopping normal people from speaking out.

    I've spoken out on FB and had vicious messages sent to me by people who cannot accept a different point of view, all the while tell me I"m an ignorant moronic Bigot.

    Do they even know what the definition of bigotry is?

    I alway's supported gay's as I thought they just wanted to live in peace. But people who are such a tiny minority will never "fit in". They don't like to be outside of the mainstream. So they want to force the mainstream to be more like them so they do not have to feel so lonely.

    What can We do about this? How can anyone stop it once it is FORCIBLY rolled out to all schools? What can people do to stop this maddness?

    Very depressing.

    Oh it's Anette Clough here. Syanara is my google name.

    1. Firstly may I say how welcome you are here, Anette. Whatever your favourite Grace is, will always be at hand for you.

      Second: yes, it is an increasing dismay. Give an inch and some will take a mile. They will 'capture' your humanity and fellow-feeing, your empathy and sympathy, but they will not respect them.

      Thirdly, what to do? Well I give a place in the bar and a box for people to stand on so that they can tell of the disasters and the pains, and quite often too the joys. It is a 'free' house for Saints and Heroes and Sinners on the Road back from Perdition. And you can post things to facebook. You are welcome to take anything from the tavern to post up there. It spreads the words and let us face it, they are not just my words but those of far better writers than I.

      Fourth, show other people that you care. Show them that you do not despair. The dark clouds are as foretold. Trust in God: drink Grace by the bucket.

  2. Evil people running rampant, manipulating the young.

  3. Hilary was right when she suggested that it takes a village to raise a child. Of course she was right for all the wrong reasons. Her idea of a village is more like a state-run commune where fathers are no longer required or even welcome; a ghetto where kids are drugged at the age of six for not behaving “appropriately” according to the criteria laid down by Hilary’s commissars.

    But a real village is an extended family of parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, siblings and cousins all living in close proximity and all providing a network of support for each-other and a blanket of security over the children: Little tribes who sometimes work in each-others businesses, giving each-other places to live in times of need, and keeping an eye on each-others children when necessary. It is something that was once common across Europe and I presume across Australia too. I am sure the early Irish emigrants in America probably operated along the same lines and it was that sort of clan solidarity that helped them to become successful. In fact I am sure that all early Americans had it no matter where they originated. That’s how civilisations are built. Those early pioneers with their covered wagons could not have tamed the west using Hilary’s vision.

    Hilary’s vision though is soulless and empty and based on nothing but materialism. It is about splitting up families and enforcing a kind of diversity that nobody really wants; taking random people, mixing them all up together and turning them into some kind of meaningless collective which has no history, no heritage, no common culture or common goal.

    People may rub along well enough together while the resentments begin to fester below the surface, until the fatherless boys reach their teenage years, begin to turn into angry young men and explode onto the streets.

    There will come a time, 50 or 100 years from now, when people will look back on these policies as being as stupid and dangerous and destructive as the Soviet collectivisation policies are all now recognised to have been. They probably will have already dreamed up some other dumb ideology by then though, and “concerned” do-gooders and self appointed “experts” will be busy demanding that everybody else get with the program – for the good of the children of course

    1. And that extended family worked together, played together and prayed together. There were eccentric uncles and aunts. Leading men and firm-centering women. Occasionally an Idiot who was tolerated and cared-for unless completely bonkers and dangerous. In Hilary's Village the idiots are in charge. What's more, we elect them.


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