Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Political Blindness.


GRAPHIC (as in 'orrible ) ILLUSTRATIONS.

If I get one more TV program featuring a politician claiming that Islam is the Religion of Peace, I shall get rid of the TVs in the Tavern. I would like to get rid of those politicians too.

Do you recall the political retort some years ago in America? ... "It's the Economy, Stupid".

It is high time politicians realized... "Its Islam, Stupid".

Islam is NOT a religion and it does NOT seek Peace.  It is a creed that is 'religion-like'. It is a faux religion. It was created by a False Prophet with one clear intention. It is Demonic in its origin and nature. 

Politicians - and even some faux-religious folk - say the Islam worships the same God as Cristians and Jews. It does NOT.

The politicians of course are gutless wonders and dare not say it.

To continually exclaim, as politicians do, that it is 'extremists' that are the problem and not the 'moderate' muslims, is to bring their intelligence into question. The politician's intelligence; and our intelligence.

Do they think we are as stupid as they are?

They compound their insults by calling anyone who points it out, 

'Islamophobic' !!

It is proof that politicians are totally stupid. They do not get it yet that we are

Now we are sending Oz aircrew to fight ISIS, that being just the latest manifestation of True Islam. Note that ISIS is totally surrounded by Muslim countries, from whence they arose, and who do not want to send their own armed forces. 

Others, on TV and in print have said more. They agree:

Historian David Pryce-Jones says Western politicians fool themselves and us when they say Islam is a religion of peace: 
A statement of the prophet often quoted with approval is that in religion there is no compulsion. Against that are Koranic verses, said to be 109 in number, that summon Muslims to war with non-believers, or jihad to use the term that has become current in most languages. 
A typical verse reads, “And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And al-fitnah (disbelief) is worse than killing … but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until there is no more fitnah and worship is for Allah alone.”
No other Religion preaches the killing of people.  Catholics do not. Christians do not. Bhuddists do not. Jews do not. Heck, even Presbyterians do not.
Another verse with a similar Islamic State resonance is, “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.” 

Or again, “Fighting is prescribed upon you, and you dislike it. But it may happen that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and it may happen that you love a thing which is bad for you. And Allah knows and you know not.”
And finally a verse also much quoted, especially in the context of Boko Haram, the Nigerian Islamists: “Therefore, when ye meet the unbelievers (in fight), strike off their heads; at length; then when you have made wide slaughter among them, carefully tie up the remaining captives: thereafter (is the time for) either generosity or ransom. Until the war lays down its burden.”

When did you last hear a Baptist demand that?  Not even the C of E Archbishop of Cantebury would think he could get away with saying that to the Tory Party.
Bin Laden, no less, asked the crucial question: “Does Islam, or does it not, force people by the power of the sword to submit to its authority corporeally if not spiritually?” and he immediately went on to give the answer: 
Concurring, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, another venerable warmonger, defends the divine right of Muslims to resort to violence. According to him, the spread of Islam went through several phases until “God then authorised the faithful to defend themselves and to fight against those fighting them, which amounts to a right legitimised by God”.
Influential Muslim Brotherhood Sheik Yusuf Qaradawi is among the clerics who vigorously support the death sentence for apostasy. 
Any leniency in that respect, he warns, would mean the end of Islam. 
Salman Rushdie was to discover that the accusation of blasphemy was enough to get him a death sentence. At the latest count Iran this year has executed 174 people, some of them charged with being an “enemy of God”.
What does Islam license men to do? 
Let the deeds speak for themselves - in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Kenya, Somalia, Libya, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Pakistan…
This appeal of such a message - the war against enemies of Islam - seems to be stronger than loyalty to any nation, which is why the huge armies of Middle Eastern nations seem powerless to defeat the small Islamic State forces. 
 Said the Former US Ambassador to Iraq James F Jeffrey: 
Given its relatively small forces, the Islamic State could theoretically be defeated by the states of the region, whose armies number more than two million personnel, but there are a few factors that work against the idea. 
First, these nations are not united, have different political approaches and require leadership that can come only from the West, especially the US. This leadership, however, comes with baggage, often reducing its effectiveness.
Second, with a few exceptions (Turkey, Israel, Iran, perhaps Egypt), none of the states in the region commands the loyalties of, and has established deep roots within, their own populations, in the same way nation-states elsewhere, in the Pacific and Europe for example, have evolved. ­National states in the Middle East are generally weak and insecure, and many among their populations are enticed by transcendental pan-­regional movements. These once included nationalist Arabic movements, but today they are all Islamic, from the Iranian-propagated form of Shia political Islam, Vilayet-i-Fiqar, with its Lebanese Hezbollah allies, to the Muslim Brotherhood and subsidiary groups such as Hamas and finally al-Qa’ida and its offshoots such as the Islamic State.
While the region’s Arab states see these groups as blood enemies, they understand their appeal to their own populations. This curbs their enthusiasm for bold public action against the Islamic State.
I can agree with much of this assessment. I can understand that western minds find revulsion on their TV screens nightly and want to stop it. 

I do NOT agree that 'leadership' can only 'come from the west, particularly the US'. The US, under its current Muslim-lite President, could not lead a pack of boy scouts into a pub. Not even this one.

But, frankly, it is a Muslim problem. Muslim countries can prove their civilised rights by fighting their own atrocities born from and encouraged and DEMANDED by THEIR 'Religion'. 

But more. The Christian Bible has shown the inevitability of this fight.  It shows the False Prophets will come. They have. 

It predicts Good will have to fight Evil. 

But it also predicts totality.

The Politicians like to tell us that there are 'extremists' and 'moderates'. They tell us that 'Only' 15% are extremists. There are 1.6 Billion Muslims and if 'only' 15% are murdering psychopaths then we 'only' have 
to worry about.

Pray for Peace, but not the Peace of Islam. 

And perhaps also reflect upon two phrases: 

Thy Will Be Done.

Forgive them. 
They know not what they do.

Finding forgiveness for those involved in such wickedness is the Big Test for a Christian Soul. It is rarely possible to do on one's own. We need ....


Drink deep.



  1. I love your pen Amfortas.

    You already know my views on Islam and indeed, my views on the abilities of our politicians, their capacity for deception and obfuscation, their promotion of the same old corrupt and hackneyed propaganda produced by their political machine to promote and perpetuate a system of great benefit to themselves and (naturally) their close supporters.

    We have seen politically parties seize assets owned by the taxpayer and sell them back to us to eliminate debt created by the appalling decisions of those same politicians. Then along comes the next political gang and recreates the same debt (eleven thousand million dollars spent on importing mainly Muslim boat people, most of whom remain on public benefit to this day) so that we can repeat this insane process over and over again.

    We have seen the destruction of our manufacturing industry, huge job losses, the consequent depletion of the tax base, the sale of electricity, gas and water utilities (competition will keep prices low!) resulting in price increases that are amongst the highest in the world, further destroying manufacturing and jobs and creating C.E.O's that are fat, sassy and anxious to take their retirement in the Caribbean, along with our money. As a taxpayer, I owned those Utilities before. And then some politician takes possession and wants to sell the damn thing back to me, trotting out false promises of super dividends - which I was receiving in the form of worlds best supply prices anyway! Stupidly, I thought this sort of scam was Illegal. Come to think of it, much the same happened in Russia following the collapse of the Union, didn't it?

    And you are absolutely right Amfortas. At some stage, we will have to "bite the bullet" and tackle this Muslim issue - they are not peace loving, they are a threat in our midst, they hold no allegiance to Australia and they are intent on transforming our culture.

    Observing those idiot politicians recently giving their speech's on the front steps of that Mosque trying to curry favour with the seething hoard of Islamists, I was greatly disturbed by the looks of malevolent hatred and loathing of those Muslims - the very people those same politicians welcomed into our midst and offered protection to and lavished taxpayer funds on.
    The longer these idiot politicians apologise and trot out excuses for these Muslims, the more political clout Islam gains within our communities. The Islamist propaganda machine is already well established and hard at work - observe its influence over "our" ABC! Just try to get anything other than a pro-Islam comment published on any of the major blogs run by newspapers or large organisations. Try and purchase "non-halal" food in your local supermarket!

    It's time for a non-halal coffee.

    Peter H.

    1. Now tell us what you Really feel. Hahahaha. I shall pul a few pints.

  2. Today Oz dropped bombs on terrorists (perhaps).

    Am I a Simpleton? I am a simple Tavern Keeper, but I have been about a bit.

    I look at the Middle East just as avidly as anyone who cares to notice the slaughter. I see the streets of western cities, too, where Muslims threaten and demand death to ‘infidels’ (that’s you and me, by the way) while taking bagsful of our (yours and mine) taxpayers’ largesse. I see a difference, in degree, not kind.

    Am I seeing aright?

    I see ISIS. The ISIS group is Muslim, as are the countries that completely surround ISIS. Those countries have over 2 million people in their armed forces who are doing sod-all. My country’s air force flew a goodly few thousand miles to join the fray. They dropped some bombs (two, I am told) today. Two ! Up until today our Air Force simply undertook navigation training. How many should we drop, the commentators in Oz ask.

    NONE, is my answer.

    I am wanting too little? Am I seeing a difference in kind instead of degree this time?

    The Western 'sentiment' is profoundly disturbed by the whole mess of the middle east, especially all the children, men and women being murdered so gleefully by demonic ‘terrorists’, but we still have not grasped the problem which is not simply 'terror' groups but ISLAM. There and here.

    The Policians talk of ‘moderate’ and ‘extreme’ Muslims. I see difference in degree, not kind.

    Unless and until Islamic countries deal with this evil in their midst, they should be considered as the Enemy in league with the terrorists. There and here. The Islamic countries WANT the west to intervene, so they can blame the west for the consequences. It is a mindless, wicked game of "let's you and him fight" where 'you' is the west and 'him' is any sub-group of Islam the other Islamists do not like. They all dislike each other.

    Meanwhile we should be dropping legal and social bombs on the Islamists in our midst.

  3. Succinct as always Amfortas. Islam indeed is the problem and it seems that (so-called) moderate Muslims have a disingenuous interest in exercising any level of influence over those busily engaged in beheadings, torture, crucifixions, maiming’s, the enslavement and subjugation of women and the engrossing sport of marrying their daughters off at 12 years of age. Islam as a whole is far too busy launching itself into the 1600’s to be concerned with anything human.

    Earlier this week, I understand that an advice was issued to our military, our police forces and even our school cadets that they should not wear their uniforms off duty, in public, due to the risk of terror attacks on our streets. For all intents and purposes this went completely unnoticed and yet, if anybody suggests that the Islamic hijab (or similar) should not be worn, we hear howls of rage, screams of “Islamaphobia” and endless prating interviews with ABC lefties screaming at the unreasonableness of the Australian communities; and the pathetic “pollies” condemning those racists who make the peace loving Muslims suffer so abysmally.

    That our armed forces, our police and our school cadets are evidently at serious risk on our own streets, here in our own capital cities, in Australia– you guessed it – not a word - just a cowardly silence! After all, we mustn’t offend any Muslims!

    And the Islamic “glitterati” crawl out of their holes screaming “Islamaphobia” – Aussies unfair to Muslims – if only we were nicer to them then all would be well. Like hell it would.

    Peter H.


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